Ralph Gilles Confirms The Chrysler Airflow Will NOT Make It Into Production!

A New Two-Row Crossover Will Take Its Place...

In a recent interview with MotorTrend, Stellantis Head of Design Ralph Gilles revealed that the Chrysler Airflow Concept, much like its predecessor, the Chrysler Portal Concept, will not make it to production. However, this setback doesn’t mean the end of Chrysler’s ambitious plans for an all-electric vehicle (EV). Gilles emphasized that the Chrysler brand has always been agile and adaptable, and the team is now working on a new large two-row crossover with a modern design that surpasses the Airflow Concept.

Chrysler Portal Concept. (Chrysler).

The change in direction is credited to Chrysler Brand CEO Chris Feuell, who brings a fresh perspective and a new rulebook to the table. Gilles expressed his enthusiasm for Feuell’s approach, stating that she wanted a vehicle that broke away from anything seen before, including the Airflow Concept. As a result, the Chrysler design team has been tasked with surpassing their previous efforts and creating a crossover design that stands out.

According to Feuell, the Chrysler large crossover concept, which recently underwent successful customer clinics in Los Angeles, has exceeded expectations. Gilles even described it as a potential hit, expressing his excitement for the upcoming vehicle.

Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept. (Chrysler).

The new crossover will utilize the STLA Large platform, specifically designed for EVs, offering advantages such as a flat floor housing the batteries, improved proportions, dynamics, and advanced electrical architecture. While it will retain some features and aesthetics from the Airflow Concept, Feuell emphasized that it will have a more modern and tech-forward design inside and out.

It’s expected that the new crossover will incorporate a range of STLA technologies and will be available with 400- and 800-volt systems to support fast charging. Customers should have the option to choose between a standard and long-range version, providing a range of up to 400 miles.

Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept. (Chrysler).

Regarding the name, Feuell confirmed that the Airflow name would be reserved for the concept only. The Chrysler brand has been working with naming consultants to create a short list of names, a combination of legacy and new options. Feuell assured enthusiasts that the brand would not adopt an alphanumeric naming convention. 

The redesigned vehicle’s official unveiling is slated for next year, but the production-intended model has already been shown to dealers, reassuring them of an exciting new vehicle and demonstrating Stellantis’ commitment to the Chrysler brand during a period with a single model in its lineup. As the Chrysler 300 full-size sedan concludes production by the end of this year, the Pacifica minivan will be the sole offering until the introduction of the new electric SUV in 2025.

Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept. (Chrysler).

Feuell confirmed that starting in 2025, a series of new products will be launched each year, culminating in a completely revamped portfolio by 2028.

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Just what the Chrysler brand needs, more delay on fresh new product.

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The Airflow fell flat with me the moment I saw it. Cookie cutter design with no distinctive Chrysler design elements, certainly not that front face, meant to carry the brand. Not!
The Airflow did serve a good purpose, it made clear what Chrysler should not build.
Here is my suggested short list. A next generation 300 sedan, a midsize and large SUV, a more distinctive and dramatic whatever the Airflow was to be that screams “ Chrysler” and not ho hum looks like a Honda design. Just starters.

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This seems like it was in the plans for a long time, and not a shift for the brand, just a shift in outward marketing. The statement that the real CUV was shown to a limited group already suggests this was not something recently decided. The question; is what was shown intended to be in conjunction w/ Airflow or as the real CUV that was intended to be released in 2024 all along.

Here, look over here, while we work on the real deal....

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IMO that thing was originally a Dodge design with a Chrysler front face slapped on it last minute purely to show that Chrysler was doing something (they weren't). Its also apparently pacifica based and not STLA LG as they said. It was never going into production. People have been raising concern of just exactly what this Chrysler brand CEO has been doing for the last 2 years????

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Not surprised but if we get a 300 successor and a two row SUV makes more sense to me.

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