Here Is What We Expect To Learn About Tomorrow’s Jeep® 4xe Day Event!

More Electrification, Bigger Lineup...

Tomorrow, the Jeep® brand will hold its first-ever “4xe Day” presentation, a look into the future of the Jeep portfolio as the brand looks towards “Zero Emissions Freedom”!

The American adventure brand has released a teaser video for the presentation, in which it states “The Future of Freedom is Electric”. Jeep has made it no secret that it plans to offer an electrified variant of all of its vehicles, by 2025.

So we figured we might go over what we expect to learn from tomorrow’s event.

Compass & Renegade 4xe To The North American Marketplace – 

2022 Jeep® Compass S 4xe for Brazilian Market. (Jeep).

Already well established in the European marketplace, the Renegade and Compass 4xe models are some of the most popular electrified SUVs in the E.U. However, Jeep has yet to release the pair of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUVs in the North American market. 

We expect that Jeep will announce a timeline, and possibly tease what it has in store for next week’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) event in Detroit. 

More Information About The Jeep Junior/Jeepster (JJ) –

2024 Jeep® (JJ) B-SUV (Yet To Be Officially Named) BEV. (Jeep).

We expect that Jeep will talk a little bit about its upcoming all-electric B-segment UV, which will slot below the Renegade. The Jeep (JJ) will be slightly smaller than the Renegade and will offer battery-electric vehicle (BEV) and internal combustion engine (ICE) options. It will be offered in most markets, except for North America we are told by our sources.

The Jeep JJ is scheduled to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October.

New STLA Large Off-Road UV Codenamed (EJ) – 

White Market Jeep® “Lifestyle” SUV Based On STLA Large Architecture. (Stellantis).

During the Stellantis “EV Day 2021” Presentation, Ralph Gilles hinted at a new “white-space” off-road UV that the STLA Large architecture could be used for. Then a few months later during the Stellantis “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan presentation, a slide showed that a “Pure Off-Road UV” was coming sometime around 2024.

Sources close to MoparInsiders.com have indicated the vehicle, will be a BEV-only offering, showcasing Wrangler-like features like removable doors and offering an open-air experience. However, this vehicle would not replace the Wrangler in any way. Our sources indicated that the new vehicle will carry the designation (EJ).

Possible Jeep® (EJ) Off-Road UV Teaser from 4xe Day Presentation Video. (Jeep).

During a teaser video for tomorrow’s event, the opening second of the video quickly shows us a vehicle that could be the new EJ (pictured above). Let us know what you think, in the comment below.

Official Date Of When To Expect The Gladiator 4xe –

Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Leaked Teaser. (Jeep).

With the Wrangler Unlimited 4xe already being the best-selling PHEV in North America, enthusiasts have been eager to hear when the Gladiator will adopt its own PHEV powertrain. We expect it to identical to the Wrangler offering and to be hitting the market in 2024, as a 2025 model.

A teaser shot (shown above) of a Gladiator 4xe was accidentally posted on the Jeep Facebook page a while back. It was quickly taken down after enthusiasts pointed out that it was a Gladiator model, due to the roof, and lack of Wrangler text on the passenger-side dash grab handle.

Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer 4xe or BEV Models? –

Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Concept. (Jeep).

When originally teased in concept form, the Grand Wagoneer Concept featured a PHEV powertrain that Jeep refrained from talking about. Since then, our sources have indicated that the PHEV variant of the Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer could be dead, in favor of sharing the electrified powertrains from its chassis companion the Ram 1500 BEV and the range extended paradigm breaker (REPB).

Grand Wagoneer Concept Speedometer with Charge Screen. (Jeep).

Stellantis has said that the new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter (Hurricane) inline-six engines have the capability to be electrified. So we are hoping tomorrow’s event will shed some light on the future of those two full-size SUV options.

Next Generation Jeep Cherokee (KM) – 

Possible Next-Gen Jeep® Cherokee (KM) Teased During EV Day 2021 Presentation. (Stellantis).

The current generation Cherokee (KL) has seen hard times in recent years. After debuting with a polarizing look in 2014 and then getting a much more modest update in 2019, the Cherokee continues to offer an impressive inline of features, despite stagnant sales.

Based on the STLA Large architecture, we expect the Cherokee replacement codenamed (KM) to get larger and offer a possible third-row seating possibility. Remember, the current Cherokee spawned the three-row Chinese-exclusive Grand Commander and we predict that the new Cherokee could be a vehicle to replace that too.

It is believed that the Cherokee will be the recipient of the new 1.5-liter hybrid-electric (HEV) powertrain, that Stellantis recently announced it would be producing in North America. A PHEV and/or BEV variants would more than likely follow.

Rumors have indicated that the Cherokee could also spin off an electric Wagoneer variant as well. The Cherokee XJ did a similar thing in 1984 when it spawned its own Wagoneer offering.

Come back to MoparInsiders.com tomorrow at 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. CET, to watch the event live.

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