RUMORS: Next-Generation Jeep® Cherokee Will Spawn A Wagoneer Model!

Wagoneer Sub-Brand Could Grow Even More By Middle Of Decade...

Last year, the Jeep® brand re-introduced the Wagoneer nameplate to the market not only as a trim-level for its premium full-size SUVs offerings but as a sub-brand. A lot of people, including ourselves, thought it was a strange idea to offer a premium sub-brand of one of the best-known global nameplates in the world. Especially one that already offers premium offerings elsewhere in its lineup.

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Not every Jeep dealer is certified to sell Wagoneers, Wagoneer Certified Dealers are those who will deliver on the “10 Customer Promises”, as well as those who have the dedicated Wagoneer display area in the showroom and the new-vehicle delivery area. What are the 10 Customer Promises”?

  1. Dealers who earn a “Customer First” award for excellence by J.D. Power earn the chance to host Wagoneer customers
  2. A high-tech and efficient sales and service experience using tablets and full integration to digital communication
  3. Dealers will be staffed with many Certified Wagoneer Ambassadors. To become an Ambassador, a sales or service associate must take over 90 hours of training and pass certification exams to really understand the brand, the products, full feature sets, and use cases
  4. A full tank of gas at vehicle delivery
  5. The dealer will wash the vehicle inside and out at delivery and when serviced, and ensure all customer settings remain intact for radio, seats, temperature control, etc.
  6. Offer remote showroom, test drives and delivery for sales and vehicle pickup/delivery for service
  7. The dealer will provide an appropriate service loaner
  8. Provide convenient mobile, online, and in-vehicle service scheduling and communication and a proactive service approach, including remote diagnostics and over-the-air (OTA) updates.
  9. While in the showroom or service lounge, we will provide complimentary Wi-Fi and phone charging stations, as well as high-quality beverages and snacks
  10. Wagoneer Client Services, which includes 24/7 customer support and five years of worry-free maintenance

To us, it sounded a lot like Lincoln’s “Black Label” dealer program. However, we are now learning there is more in store for the premium Wagoneer brand. 

According to our sources, another smaller Wagoneer vehicle will be added to the mix sometime in 2024 or 2025. That vehicle will be based on the next-generation Cherokee (KM) and while we don’t know specifics, we are told it will more than likely be built on the all-new STLA Large architecture

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The STLA Large architecture is an evolution of the current Giorgio architecture, which underpins vehicles like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and Jeep Grand Cherokee (WL). All of those vehicles have been rear-wheel-drive (RWD) based, however, the next-generation Cherokee should offer front-wheel-drive (FWD) as its basis. More than likely, we expect the smaller Wagoneer to feature all-wheel-drive (AWD) as standard equipment.

Knowing that the Jeep brand is continuing to push its electrification strategy across its lineup, we expect the smaller Wagoneer to be a full battery-electric vehicle (BEV) or offer some type of internal combustion engine (ICE) hybrid system.

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It is still unknown if the new premium Wagoneer will offer two-row seating like the current Cherokee (KL) or be a three-row like the Chinese-market Grand Commander (K8). Being based on the Cherokee, it will more than likely be a D-segment SUV, and if offered in a third-row configuration, could replace the Grand Commander in China.

Nevertheless, we have a lot more unanswered questions about a future Wagoneer product. Could it help expand the Wagoneer nameplate globally? Only time can tell.

If you are a Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer owner or potential owner, be sure to check out our sister site WagoneerForums.org. There you can join over 1,200 owners of the new Wagoneer models, read the latest information, news, and rumors about the all-new Wagoneer, and even communicate with Wagoneer Client Services. 

Mike Volkmann

Michael Volkmann, a mechanical engineer in the steel industry, autocrossed and road-raced Neons. Michael has drag raced his 1971 Duster 340, 2015 Dodge Charger SRT392, 2009 Challenger R/T, and Neons, of which he’s owned seven — one SRT4, three ACRs, and three Sport Coupes.

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I know the Wagoneer as “Sub-Brand” (I believe Sergio or Manley discussed this back in 2018) but will this extra STLA Large model serve as the Jeep’s “Flagship” in Europe and(potentially ) other International markets?
Thank You!

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The Cherokee has carved out a solid niche in the SUV market but it’s next generation needs to do more than a refresh to correct its slow slide in sales.
I believe that going to the Stellantis large platform will produce a more capable, spacious rear wheel drive SUV with electric possibilities. Certainly staying with the current layout or attempting to create a FWD small Wagoneer misses the needed reinvention goal completely and would clearly miss the standards needed to be a Wagoneer.
Cherokee must be a shortened two row Grand Cherokee.
Wagoneer Small might be a three row luxury Grand Cherokee spinoff.
Two Jeeps properly designed one to reinvent, one to expand a line.

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After just getting back from our first roadtrip since 2020 in the Jeep, I am really hoping that KM has a hybrid and/or 4xe option. Having said that, we'll be keeping my KL for a while, but I'd love to trade the Prius in on a hybrid Jeep, or even go down to one vehicle since working from home will be the official norm for me.

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