FCA Design Studio Teases Moab Easter Jeep® Safari Concepts:

Two New Concept Coming To Moab In Up Coming Weeks...

Yesterday, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Product Design Studio released some teaser shots of a couple of the concepts coming to this year’s Moab Easter Jeep® Safari. While they didn’t release details about either concept, we can tell both are Gladiator based concepts.

Moab Easter Jeep® Safari Vehicle Sneak Peek. (Mopar).

We know judging by the one picture one is called the Jeep J6 Concept. Now we have seen the Jeep J-12 Concept, which was a Wrangler (JK) based regular cab pickup. The original Jeep Gladiator also shared the J-Series nameplate later in itself, with vehicles like the J-10 and J-20. From the picture, if you look closely, we see that it seems like the J6 Concept might have a roof similar very similar to the Jeep J-12 Concept (shown below). We predict that this concept will essentially be a regular cab version of the all-new Gladiator. We also see a wide range of current Mopar accessories and what looks to be a rollbar with lights.

2012 Jeep® J-12 Concept. (Jeep).

The second picture shows us an image of a highly customized Gladiator concept. While we can’t tell much from the second shot, we do see that it will showcase a yellow and black graphics featuring the number “41” hinting at the 1941 birthday of the original Willys MB. In the back, we see what look what looks like a track system for a pair of motocross bikes. We also see a new bed rail system that has built-in tie-downs and a new roll bar behind the cab. Judging by the drawing, expect huge offroad tires, probably 37-inches in diameter. The front fenders could be of a different design as well.

Moab Easter Jeep® Safari Vehicle Sneak Peek. (Mopar).

We will know more about these new exciting Jeep concepts soon. The concept will head to Moab, April 13th through 21st for the Easter Jeep® Safari. So stay tuned…

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