Citroën Introduces Its New C5 X Wagon For European Market:

Stylish New Wagon Offers Plug-In Capability...

As a majority of people move away from sedans in favor of crossovers and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), there continues to be a push in the European market to fill in the gaps between the passenger car and utility vehicle. Enter the new Citroën C5 X, the brand’s new halo vehicle. 

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

While it may look like your average station wagon at first glance, the Citroën design team has blended the design of their flagship C5 sedan, with the utility of a station wagon, while throwing SUV elements into the mix. Sure it looks like a sedan from the front, its long roofline from its side profile says it’s a functional wagon, while the additional ride height gives the stance of a modern-day crossover.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

The new model is available with both gasoline and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variants. The C5 X Plug-In Hybrid will deliver 225 horsepower with the ability to operate as a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) for more than 50 kilometers (31 miles) which is suitable for a majority of today’s drivers. The electric mode can be operated up to 135 km/h (or about 84 mph), allowing the C5 X to cruise silently at highway speed without using its internal combustion engine (ICE).

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

When compared to the size of the 2021 Chrysler 300 Series all-wheel-drive (AWD) sedan, the Citroën C5 X Plug-In Hybrid is 9.5 inches shorter, 1.6 inches narrower, and 0.8 inches shorter. This means the C5 X is quite a large car for the European market. The added space behind the rear seats adds 19.2 cubic feet, expanding the C5’s cargo volume to 57.9 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

The C5 X also is the first vehicle in the brand’s portfolio to feature Citroën Advanced Comfort® active suspension. With a choice of three modes, the suspension control system enhances the effectiveness of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® by softening the suspension allowing for a soft ride over rough roads. Thanks to its elevated stance and increased ground clearance over the traditional C5 sedan, it allows a higher driver position offering greater safety and visibility, a feature much appreciated by SUV customers.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

The exterior styling on the C5 X features Citroën’s new V-shaped light signature at the front and rear, introduced on recently introduced C4. The C5 X is recognizable from the rest of the wagons on the market thanks to this technological light signature that comprises LED headlights. Its long hood, areodynamic lines, high waistline, and kick above the rear wheels bring distinction and dynamism while taking some key elements from Citroëns of the past. The rear tailgate offers all the practicality of a station wagon, with a wide, functional opening and a low loading sill for easy, practical everyday use.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

Inside, the C5 X’s passenger compartment gives a real impression of space, warmth, and is very welcoming thanks to its comfortable size, attention to detail, and unprecedented practicality. Stating with the Advanced Comfort seats are among the benchmark for seating comfort in the industry. They offer a unique welcome and visual comfort thanks to special padding, like a mattress topper. The dynamic and postural comfort is produced by a high-density layer and thickened structured foam, allowing you to feel relaxed even after the longest journeys.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

The new Citroën C5 X also features some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. There is an extended Heads-Up Display (HUD) with support for augmented reality, as well as a range of driving assistance features that reduce the driver’s mental load, such as Highway Driver Assist, or the new infotainment interface with a central 12-inch HD touchscreen, natural voice recognition, and a customizable display with widgets, just like on a tablet. A fully-digital instrument cluster is also standard, while physical climate controls are still present.

2022 Citroën C5X Plug-In Hybrid. (Citroën).

The Citroën C5 X comes at time when the industry is developing more crossover-oriented cars. The C5X will join other Stellantis sedans/hatchbacks bridging the gap between cars and crossovers. Vehicles like the Fiat Tipo Cross, soon to be unveiled Fiat unnamed ‘Project 363’, and Fiat Mobi Trekking. The C5 X will be available in the second-half of this year.

So what do you think of the new Citroën C5 X? Let us know in our Citroën-specific forum.

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