AUCTION: How Much Would You Pay For This Unrestored 1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special”?

Car Is Going For Almost $30K On eBAY!

After years of finding it difficult to find a good Mopar B-body car for sale, it seems that we have seen a ton of them hitting various auction sites lately. Although most of them are found in restored or resto-mod conditions costing tens, if not hundreds of thousands to buy, there are still examples in need of restoration out there that are quite affordable. All they require is the time, some money, and the knowledge to get them in working order.

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

During a recent look through various eBay motors auctions, we found a 1969 Dodge Charger that happened to catch our eye. This 1969 model deserves to be restored, as it features the A41 “White Hat Special” option. The White Hat Special was a season promotional package that Dodge offered during the late-1960s on Coronet, Charger, Dart, and Polara models as part of the “Dodge Fever” marketing campaign. 

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

The White Hat Special option bundled a number of options at a discounted price. Those options included a choice of black, tan, green, or exclusive white vinyl roof, simulated wood-grained steering wheel, hood-mounted turn signals, light group (included ashtray light, glovebox light, trunk light, ignition light with time delay, map light, and headlamp light on warning buzzer), remote-controlled rear-view mirrors, whitewall tires, and deep-dish wheel covers.

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” Promotional Poster. (Dodge).

This particular car was painted in the same color as the promotional 1969 White Hat Special Charger, Bright Green Ploy (also known as F6 Green). The car also featured the promotional white vinyl top, however, the top is missing. 

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

Under the hood, sits a 6.3-liter (383 cubic-inch) big-block V8, which the owner says is not the original engine. But the car did not come with a 383 when it did leave the plant. The engine does turn over but has not been started. In 1969, there were two versions of the 383 available, one with a two-barrel carb, and the other with a  four-barrel Carter AVS carb. This car has the four-barrel decal on the air cleaner, indicating that it is the 330 horsepower variant.

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

There are some rust issues with the floor and trunk pans, that need to be replaced. Both the rockers and lower quarters are in need of repairs as well. Luckily, aftermarket companies like YearOne sell most of the replacement parts you will need that match the OEM specifications.

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

Inside, the car needs a lot of work. The dash and floor-mounted center console is still there. However, the door panels and seats will also need a lot of attention. The factory AM radio appears to be missing, but the car does still have its factory-mounted A/C system. Again almost all of the interior parts have been replicated from the aftermarket.

1969 Dodge Charger “White Hat Special” on eBay!. (eBay!).

Currently, the auction has until Friday, March 11th, at 11:32 p.m. when it ends. What surprises us, is that there are already 40 bids on the car with the highest bid as of the writing of this article being $28,600 USD. This still us that the market for 1968 to 1970 Chargers is still strong.

To see more details, you can visit the eBay! auction, by CLICKING HERE!

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