Meet The 2021 Fiat Mobi City Car For South America:

This City Car Cost Under $10K USD...

Compact in size, but large in qualities like comfort and fuel economy, the FIAT brand has pulled the covers back on their new 2021 Fiat Mobi. The A-segment (city car) plays an integral part in the FIAT brand’s success in the LATAM region, as well as the Mopar accessories and parts division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).
With more than 215,000 units sold since its launch in 2016, the Mobi subcompact has proven to be the right vehicle, meeting the needs of the market’s customers in South America. So for the 2021 model year, FIAT has updated the Mobi to offer a wider range of capability, style, and value for the LATAM region.
2021 Fiat Mobi Like. (FIAT Brazil).
2021 Fiat Mobi Like. (FIAT Brazil).
The new top of the line Trekking model, adds an extra dose of adventure and playfulness. It incorporates the upgrades from the Like version and adds more style and functionality with the following equipment…
  • Longitudinal Roof Bars
  • Darkened Hubcaps with Exclusive Design
  • Optional 14-Inch Aluminum Wheels
  • Dual-Colored Roof with Logo 
  • Hood Graphic
  • Piano Black-Painted Rear View Mirrors
  • Side Stripes and Door Handles Painted In Body-Color
  • New Exclusive Fabrics with Orange Stitching
  • New Logo and Trekking Badge on Rear
  • Fog Lamps
2021 Fiat Mobi Trekking. (FIAT Brazil).

Focusing on practicality, the Mobi facilitates the entry and exit of passengers through its wide-opening rear doors (which open 75º). The doors are complemented by the wide entrance gap both front and rear. The Mobi also features plenty of storage in its small package. It features storage compartments in the center console, front doors, a sunglass holder above the driver’s door, and even a ceiling console with an auxiliary mirror.

The Mobi also features the most modern infotainment system in its segment with the new 7-inch Uconnect touchscreen from the Fiat Toro and Strada pickups. With its 7-inch touchscreen, it brings important features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto with wireless projection and car pair two smartphones. Developed by FCA LATAM, the center is intuitive, functional, and friendly, significantly improving the user’s experience with the vehicle through its functions.

2021 Fiat Mobi Trekking. (FIAT Brazil).

The Uconnect screen is customizable and displays control of all vehicle functions. In addition, it has low daytime reflection and adjustable brightness. The system supports multiple connections via Bluetooth and has an on-board computer. There is also a second USB port available to passengers. The multimedia center is optional in the Like and Trekking models. The package adds four speakers and two tweeters, plus a multifunctional steering wheel.

The consumer can also opt for the Driver Convenience Package on the Like model, comprising height adjustment of the steering wheel, seat belt, and driver’s seat, and internal opening of the fuel cap.

2021 Fiat Mobi Trekking. (FIAT Brazil).

One of the ways in which Fiat Mobi’s intelligence is presented is efficiency. Weighing in at only 907 kg (or 2,000 lbs), it is one of the lightest cars in Brazil, which benefits both fuel economy and performance. As a result, the vehicle proves to be easy to park and maneuver, as well as agile in traffic, attributes that please the customer a lot. 

The Fiat Mobi is also efficient for the consumer’s pocket, because, in addition to having competitive prices, its maintenance is simple, with low costs. This is one of the highlights of the 1.0-liter FIRE EVO Flex engine, up to 75 horsepower at 6,250 rpm (with ethanol). 

2021 Fiat Mobi Trekking. (FIAT Brazil).

The 2021 Fiat Mobi has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), of R $38,990 (or about $6780 USD) for the Easy model, R $46,490 (or about $8,090 USD) for the Like model, and the Trekking starts at R $47,390 (or $8,246 USD). Mopar has also introduced several specialty parts for the Mobi and has even issued a special edition Mopar Mobi edition vehicle in the past.

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