New FIAT Models Sport New Logo As Brand Tries To Reinvent Itself:

Logo Will Make Debut On Certain 2021 Models...

The 2021 model year is helping the FIAT brand to launch a new makeover of the Italian brand. To help the brand to be in line with new trends, FIAT is updating its logo for larger letters that add a minimalistic touch. The new logo will be added by the visual element represented by the flag of Italy, with four inclined lines, each one representing the letters of the brand, reflecting evolution and modernity.

New FIAT Logo on 2021 Fiat Strada Pickup. (FIAT).

Since the debut of the brand in 1899, the FIAT logo has undergone 15 transformations. The last most recent iteration of the logo appeared in 2006 on the Fiat Bravo hatchback. For 2021, we have seen the newest logo already adorn several models like the all-new Strada pickup, all-new 500 electrifed city car, revised Mobi city car, and the Argo subcompact.  Recent spy photos also suggest that the new logo will also appear on several other models as well over the next year.

New FIAT Logo on 2021 Fiat 500 Electrified City Car. (FIAT).

The new makeover is based on three main pillars according to FIAT…

  1. Product: A new offensive of vehicles with the characteristic of Italian design, efficient and modern powertrains, sophisticated connectivity systems, innovative safety components (both active and passive),  as well as cutting-edge technologies.
  2. Customer Experience: Accompanied by a new image, FIAT has a strong commitment to its customers, offering high-value products, attention to detail, and excellent after-sales service.
  3. Brand Value:  FIAT seeks to maintain closeness with customers, provide innovative proposals, as well as an exceptional shopping experience.
New FIAT Logo on 2021 Fiat Mobi City Car. (FIAT).

In November 2019, we told you about the changes being made to FIAT’s dealership network in Brazil. In those changes, the new dealer concept built on the origin of the brand with each detail being unique such as flavors, fragrances, visuals, and musical ambiance. With a new convenience area for its customers, the new FIAT dealer layout strives to serve all audiences with excellence, providing cozy, modern spaces designed to positively surprise customers at various times, whether it be waiting for a service, buying a vehicle, or just having an experience.

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

The model was rolled out in Brazil to see how the market would adapt to the new model. This model has been rumored to be rolled out globally over the next couple of years, including FIAT Studios in the United States and Canada.


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