FIAT Celebrates 300,000th Milestone For Its Toro Pickup:

Latin America's Midsize Pickup...

A sales success since its launch, the Fiat Toro has reached a milestone of 300,000 units produced. While that might not seem like a lot of units compared to the sales success of the Ram 1500 in the United States, it is a huge success in the South American market. The innovative SUP (or Sport Utility Pickup) has been on the market since 2016 and has collected sales records year by year.

2021 Fiat Toro Ranch 2.0 Diesel AT9. (FIAT Brazil).

 “The Fiat Toro is definitely a vehicle that changed Fiat’s history. It’s an instant sales hit right from the start. Consumer approval is proven when we see results as the historic brand that we achieved with 92% market share in the C-pickups segment accumulated this year ”, stated Herlander Zola, Director of Brand Fiat and Commercial Operations Brazil.

2021 Fiat Toro Endurance 1.8 Flex MT5. (FIAT Brazil).

The Fiat Toro conquered the Brazilian market when it inaugurated a new segment of pickups in the country, becoming a benchmark for versatility, performance, and design, capable of pleasing audiences with different interests and needs. With features that combine comfort with practicality with a wide bucket (another name for bed) and innovation with the unprecedented side opening lid, the model caters for family use, for urban use, and on paved roads, as well as for those who need to work harder on dirt roads and farms.

2021 Fiat Toro Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6. (FIAT Brazil).

The Fiat Toro and its rebadged sibling the Ram 1000 are produced in Pernambuco, Brazil. In addition to serving the domestic market, the production also supplies Latin America, with exports to countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, among others.

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