FIAT Brazil Teases The Interior Of Its New Pulse Crossover!

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The FIAT brand has been on a hot streak in the Brazilian market, with a lineup of successful and attractive products for the South American marketplace. One of its newest vehicles, the Fiat Pulse made its first appearance on the series finale of Brazil’s most popular TV show Big Brother Brazil (BBB21) as the grand prize for the winner. No details other than the looks of the exterior were shown to the public. A month later, FIAT announced that the vehicle would carry the Pulse name after fans voted from a list of potential names.

2022 Fiat Pulse crossover. (FIAT Brazil).

Yesterday, FIAT decided to show us its new interior for the very first time. The Argo-based crossover has a handsome and well-thought-out interior design. The Pulse features a new sporty steering wheel design with a flat bottom and chrome accents featuring the new F-I-A-T text script logo. While it does feature controls similar to what we have seen in other Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), for the first time, the blank controls for what usually has adaptive cruise control (ACC) options, now houses a bright red “SPORT” mode button. We can also see a set of black paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel.

2022 Fiat Pulse Crossover. (FIAT Brazil).

The compact crossover will also feature a colorful and customizable 7-inch digital cluster, remote start, digital automatic air conditioning, and a tablet-like 10.1-inch Uconnect touchscreen tilt to face the driver. The new system features the connected services that we have come to love with the Uconnect system. 

2022 Fiat Pulse Crossover. (FIAT Brazil).

“In an unprecedented way in the FIAT range, the internal finishes of the Pulse that were developed guarantee a modern and comfortable environment for the occupants. We brought in new technologies that help differentiate surfaces, such as laser textures and exclusive fabrics, as well as special paints and finishes,” said Isabella Vianna, Manager of Colors and Materials, Mopar, Graphic and Virtual Reality at the South American Design Center.

2022 Fiat Pulse Crossover. (FIAT Brazil).

While there aren’t many details about the Pulse that have been released, our good friends at Auto Segredos (Auto Secrets), have discussed a lot of details about the newest FIAT vehicle. This includes its powertrain choices of a naturally aspirated 1.3-liter FireFly inline-four-cylinder engine making around 100 horsepower and 99 lb.-ft. of torque on ethanol. There will also be the option of a turbocharged 1.0-liter FireFly inline-three-cylinder engine delivering around 130 horsepower and an estimated torque between 123 lb.-ft. and 137 lb.-ft. of torque. The 1.0-liter will more than likely come with a CVT transmission, while the 1.3-liter will have both manual and CVT options.

2022 Fiat Pulse Crossover. (FIAT Brazil).

We expect FIAT to keep teasing details about the Pulse, as the new crossover gets closer to its production launch this fall.

The 2022 Fiat Pulse is something that makes us scratch our heads on how can the FIAT brand offer such attractive-looking products in a well-rounded package and yet fails so epically in the North American marketplace with lackluster products like the 500L.

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If Fiat would have change their cars to Dodge or Chrysler brand and used better engines in them they would have sold well. Americans just did not want Fiats here.

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ONLY because the number of Dealer would have increased by 10 fold. I am tired of that narrative, the 1.4 IS PLENTY to pull around the 500 and the 1.4T in down right potent in that car. The 500L had what I think is the most poorly behaved transmissions on earth that the people in the EU tend not mind.

Bottom line it had nearly nothing to do with the name more to do with the 140-300 dealers was a massive error in the time of cheap gas.

None of that has to do with Brazilian cars that are in a captive market. But enjoying the new interior design language from Wagoneer to this little CUV.

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If Fiat would have change their cars to Dodge or Chrysler brand and used better engines in them they would have sold well. Americans just did not want Fiats here.

Nope to all. Second Carlos been clear Fiat is staying in North America. 3rd this about Latin America where Fiat and Stellantis by far & away the profitable market leader.

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Even the way Fiat Brazil markets the brand there is how I see the brand being successful here. Quit trying to be the elegant Italian brand and be the edgy youth brand. Look at the video for the Pulse teaser.

vs this

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