Kragujevac Assembly Plant Employees Choose Their Future Path During Downtime At Plant!

Stellantis Employees Make Decision About Working Abroad...

A 1,000 workers at Stellantis (FCA Serbia) Kragujevac Assembly Plant in Serbia, had until Friday to decide whether they would either take severance pay and quit their jobs or accept a job offer abroad.

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FCA Serbia is a joint venture between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) now Stellantis, which owns 67% of its capital, and the Serbian government, which owns the remainder. The facility has temporarily stopped production and the automaker has given most of the workers the opportunity to temporarily work in an automobile factory in Slovakia for two years, giving them the chance to return home every three months.

Although previous reports mentioned the possibility of workers choosing other Stellantis facilities in Germany, Poland, and even Italy with different amounts of salaries and bonuses, it turned out that it would only be for jobs at the Stellantis Trnava Plant in Slovakia. That plant currently manufactures the Citroën C3, Peugeot 208, and Peugeot e-208 for the European marketplace.

Those who opted to go to work temporarily at the Slovakia plant will receive, in addition to their salary of around €800, a bonus of €11,000 before they left, and €6,000 upon their return from the Serbian government. Those who opted not to go will get their minimum wage for one month.

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The Kragujevac plant opened in 2012 and has produced the Fiat 500L since. That vehicle is expected to be replaced by an all-new next-generation electrified Fiat Panda in 2024. Stellantis has pledged an investment of €190 million, while the Serbian government will invest roughly €48 million to manufacture the new electrified vehicle at the plant.

Stellantis officially confirmed that the next-generation Fiat Panda would not be produced in the Pomigliano Assembly Plant. Instead, the current model will continue in production at the Pomigliano plant until 2026. Meaning that the two vehicles will coexist with the same nameplate for a couple of years.

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It is rumored that the next-generation Fiat Panda, will be based on the 2019 Fiat Centoventi Concept. The Centoventi Concept received great praise due to its innovative interior, customizable exterior, and multiple upgradable battery packs.


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