CAUGHT: 2022 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon On Public Roads!

FIAT Expanding Tipo Cross Lineup With Station Wagon Variant...

Last year, FIAT pulled back the covers on its updated Fiat Tipo lineup. The mid-cycle-action (MCA) for the popular compact C-segment offering, was much needed to keep competitive against its competition (Ford Focus, Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Renault Megane, and SEAT Leon). The Tipo lineup is consists of a sedan, a hatchback, and a station wagon variant. What impressed a lot of people during the MCA was the addition of a new crossover variant based on the hatchback model, named the Tipo Cross.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross hatchback. (FIAT).

With the Tipo Cross variant, FIAT started targeting those customers who have changed their preferences of a traditional hatchback or station wagon for the growing crossover segment. Using a similar formula as the Fiat 500X compact crossover, the Tipo Cross has an increased ride height of 4 cm (or 1.5 inches) and a calibrated suspension for not only a more rugged stance but for tackling the backroads or urban terrain. A new set of larger tires and new aluminum wheels also give more confidence while on difficult terrain.

2022 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

The Cross setup allowed drivers to have a higher driving position and make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. 

To add a tougher look to the exterior, the Tipo Cross gets wheel flares, skid plates, a unique front bumper with a prominent bull bar, side skirts, and a rear extractor. The exclusive new styling elements add a more solid and muscular appearance to the Tipo.  

2022 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

Now it appears that the hatchback configuration, won’t be the only body-style be fitted into the Tipo Cross lineup. Our friends at GabetzSPYUnit have caught a few images of a station wagon prototype of the Cross model. FIAT engineers did a good job of covering up the exterior elements from the Tipo Cross hatchback, but we can see things like the Tipo Cross grille texture, the increased ride height, as well as the straight 5-spoke wheels behind that vinyl camouflage.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross hatchback. (FIAT).

We believe that the Tipo Cross station wagon will also feature the same seat fabrics and technology as the hatchback model. In the hatchback, there is a configurable 7-inch thin-film-transistor (TFT) digital cluster found on vehicles like the Ram 1500 that have replaced the conventional analog instrument panel (I/P). There is also the same 10.25-inch Uconnect 5 touchscreen found on the 500e. 

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross hatchback. (FIAT).

The Tipo Cross even gets a sportier steering wheel design, which offers better ergonomics and allows the driver to be able to see that TFT cluster with no issue. FIAT also gave the Tipo Cross black and chrome accents throughout its center control panel.

Turbocharged 1.0-liter Multiair III inline-three-cylinder (GSE-T3) engine. (FIAT).

There are both gasoline and diesel offerings for the European market. For gasoline buyers, there is the new 1.0-liter GSE-T3 (Global Small Engine – Turbocharged Three-Cylinder) that makes 100 horsepower and delivers peak torque as high as 190 Nm (or 140 ft.-lb.) of torque at only 1,500 rpm. The GME-T3 offers 5 horsepower and 63 Nm (or 47 ft.-lb.) of torque more than the 1.4-liter engine before last year’s MCA and at 3,000 less rpm. 

2021 Fiat Tipo Life Station Wagon. (FIAT).

The 1.0-liter GSE-T3 is part of the FireFly turbo engine family, the most up-to-date engine for performance, paired with seriously lower consumption and emissions. The new engine ensures driving pleasure while providing low CO2 emissions to meet the requirements throughout the European region. 

2022 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

For diesel buyers, the Euro 6D Final-compliant Multijet diesel engines offer two power ratings for the Tipo lineup. There are 95 horsepower and 130 horsepower variants, with considerable improvement in performance and CO2 values. FIAT says that the 130 horsepower 1.6-liter Multijet diesel is the ideal engine for commercial fleets.

2022 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

That station wagon variant proves that the Tipo Cross has become a success for the Italian marque. So far, Stellantis has yet to announce a station wagon version of the Tipo Cross. But we believe we will see something official after the beginning of the new year.

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