FIAT Launches New Dealership Model In Brazil, That Could Lead To Global Changes:

Could Lead To Dealer Changes Worldwide...

The FIAT brand is now taking the first step towards a new brand renewal cycle with the redesign of its dealership network in Brazil. The brand is looking to reinvent itself with its newest dealership layouts which focus on a new modernized, connected, digital branding designed to delight customers, even reinforcing their identity through the senses and enhancing the experience.

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

“The change in the visual identity of our dealer network marks the beginning of a new moment for FIAT. We will have not only this visual change but also the renewal of our product portfolio and the customer experience in the showroom with a digital dynamic. We’re working to make our service even more attentive to consumers who still want to go to a dealership to buy a vehicle, and we’re working hard on training as well. Here comes a new, more modern FIAT, more focused on UX (user experience) and prepared to keep anticipating customers’ increasingly digital desires, ”says Herlander Zola, Fiat Brand Director for Latin America and Commercial Director of FIAT in Brazil. 

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

The first dealership to feature the new visual identity of the brand, opened on Wednesday, October 23rd in the city of Valinhos (SP). The new dealer concept builds on the origin of the brand with each detail being unique such as flavors, fragrances, visual and musical ambiance. With a new convenience area for its customers, the new FIAT dealer layout strives to serve all audiences with excellence, providing cozy, modern spaces designed to positively surprise customers at various times, whether it be waiting for a service, buying a vehicle, or just having an experience.

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

Each of the new dealers will feature an Italian-style coffee shop (in which FIAT is partnering with the Illy brand), will be available for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee, buy branded products or even use a dedicated quiet area to conduct business.

Outside the dealership, the changes to the face of the dealership are noticeable right away with an alternation to the facade logo that is now represented by the FIAT script (only using the letters of the words), which has been already present in some vehicles. There have also been changes in the red color that represents the brand as well, with a new arrangement of external visual elements featuring high-quality finishes and some digital elements.

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

Inside, there is a use of new colors and images, that completely change the arrangement of the elements which is highlighted by stylized furniture with relaxing seating areas. Technology is also a huge part of the new dealership layout, which interactive kiosks can help educate customers on vehicle features, colors, interior choices, as well as the latest Mopar accessories.

“This proposal aims to be a space for sales, service and unique consumer experience with the brand and its products so that customers are comfortable with their research and purchase. The concept still stimulates the various senses. All this change and standardization is strategic so that the entire dealership network is aligned with FIAT’s new momentum in Brazil, ”says João Paulo Toscano Filho, Network Development Manager at FCA.  

New FIAT Brand Dealership Model In Brazil. (FIAT Brazil).

Even though FIAT is using Brazil as a testing ground for its new dealership ideas, we see the brand as well as additional FCA brands implementing similar ideas globally. With customer services being more important than ever, dealerships are looking not just to get you in and out as fast as possible, but making sure that they can provide an experience whether it be for sales or services, to keep you coming back.

So what do you think of the FIAT brand’s new dealership ideas? Do you think they would work well globally? Or how about with other FCA brands? Leave us a comment below. 

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