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With a wheelbase of 106.1-inches (2,695mm), length of 181.1-inches (4,600mm) long, a width of 80.5-inches (2,045mm) wide and a height of 63.4-inches (1,610mm) high, the Fiat Fastback Concept is a hybrid design of sedan, coupe and UV (Utility Vehicle) all rolled into one. Presented for the first time at the São Paulo Motor Show last week, the essence of Italian design made in Brazil, already has gained recognition internationally. The model was fully designed at the LATAM (Latin America) Design Center, located at the Fiat Automotive Polo in Betim (MG), and anticipates the brand’s vision for future launches.

Peter Fassbender with Fiat Fastback Concept Sketches. (FIAT).

According to the director of  Fiat brand for Latin America and commercial director of Fiat for Brazil, Herlander Zola, the Fastback Concept is an exercise in design solutions that points the way to future launches. “The Fiat Fastback has an original and unique shape that inspires our future,” he says.

“A concept car is a playground for experimenting with new ideas, shapes and materials,” said Peter Fassbender, director of LATAM Design Center. “You need to thrill, generate curiosity and interest, that will to get close. And we did it, “adds the executive, referring to the São Paulo Motor Show.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

Daniel Gerzson, FCA’s Exterior Design leader, explains that lines and shapes lavish sportiness and elegance with boldness. He also details the reasons for choosing the name: “We seek simplicity, in homage to pure Italian design.”

Following the Wrap Around concept , a line surrounds the entire model without interruptions, giving the feeling of continuity in every detail. At the front, new positions were adopted for the two LED optical groups. The main look, at the top, delivers the sensations of speed and elegance that mark the imposing personality and, at the same time, humanity. At the bottom, the second optical group is surrounded by a metal ring that integrates with the grid in horizontal blades and creates an accurate design between the pieces, bringing refinement and width to the front set.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

For the first time, the FIAT logo appears at the top of the grid, in reference to the essence of the brand’s original lettering. In the left corner, the signature Fastback, inspired by swift gestures, reinforces the provocative character of the model.

The rear, with its characteristic fastback glass and dynamic fall, appears with agile lines, completing the look of strong emotion. The LED tail lamps are designed with boldness and as well as refinement. The visual strength of the bottom is accentuated by leaks at the ends of the bumper. On the right side, the Fastback signature is also revealed. Also noteworthy are the 19-inch aluminum wheels, with structured arms and precise surfaces. The wheels are like a real ornament, meticulously crowned by the contrast between finishes, matte and shiny in perfect balance.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

Unprecedented, the vibrant metallic color, Moonstone, has been carefully developed to create an intense reflection and striking contrast, like a gemstone. On the front grille, friezes, and mirrors, among other items, the color palette remains neutral, bringing the Black Piano and the satin chrome. They are tones that reinforce the sensation of contrast between the surfaces. The entire conceptualization of Colors & Materials was based on a jewel, extolling elements of exclusivity and sophistication.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

Just as on the outside, the inside is inspired by Italian design, with flowing and sculptural surfaces to create a sense of well-being, engagement, and comfort. The atmosphere of home was another strong reference, with the touch of the design of the products of our day-to-day. The simplicity is a strong feature of the instrument panel, without losing functionality and extremely sculptural format.

FCA’s Interior Design Leader, Rafael Peixoto, highlights the creative freedom that concept cars allow. “We have the opportunity to experience and express ideas with greater freedom. Inside Fiat Fastback, we extrapolated the design attributes to create a light atmosphere with sculpted volumes, “he says. “With Fiat Fastback, we had a poetic license to put the essence of what we believe to be Fiat’s jewel in the Auto Show,” says Paula Fujii, FCA’s Color & Materials designer.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

The birth of the Fiat Fastback Concept began on paper, with hand-drawn drawings. Already with the first lines defined, the next step was to put those drawings in 3D on the computer. From virtual to real, the model took shape in clay (industrial clay) on the scale of 1 to 4, to be perfected before being re-digitized.

Again in life-size clay or 1 to 1 scale, the model received finishing details, such as headlights, glass, and grids. It was handcrafted by modelers and designers who used tools similar to those of a sculptor, such as spatulas and sharpeners, to sculpt innovative shapes.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

On paper and clay, at all times, adhesive tapes were used to demarcate character lines and body proportions. With the mathematics defined and checked, the construction of the final model of the Fiat Fastback began. With an internal structure in metal and styrofoam, the body was machined in resin, by a milling machine, and later it received manual finishes.


Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

After thinning, the surface was worked to receive the paint. “It was sanded and received a finishing material, which is a first light gray,” explains Celso Morassi, supervisor of Modeling at FCA. “Then three more layers were applied: the first painting with black paint, then the color itself, and finally a high-gloss varnish,” says Morassi.

In total, the model consists of about 60 pieces, such as the main body, headlights, grille, lanterns, and wheels. Each wheel, for example, was made up of five separate items. All parts were built parallel to the body.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

Several pieces, such as logos and headlight frames, were prepared in 3D printers. In the assembly phase of the concept car, the LATAM Design Center team worked hard and integrated to follow every detail of all the pieces. The application of the FIAT logo and the Fastback signature was the last details.

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