2020 Fiat Toro Goes To The Dark Side With S-Design Package:

Darkened Themed Package Heads To Latin America...

Last week, we discussed details about the updated 2020 Fiat Toro pickup lineup for Latin America. Now while we don’t get the Fiat Toro pickup here in North America, we get a lot of e-mail regarding the popular compact pickup. A lot of those e-mails ask about we don’t we get the Ram 1000 (a rebadged Fiat Toro sold in a few markets in Latin America), we get a lot of request about more information about the pickup.

2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4. (FIAT Brazil).

In our post last week, we talked about the new S-Design package (S standing for shadow) available on the Fiat Toro Freedom model. The new package builds on the popular darkened themes found on other popular models in European Fiat lineup, but now it’s coming to the Latin Market for the first time. 

2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4. (FIAT Brazil).

The Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design has a much more aggressive and unique look and can be customized with any exterior paint color (Billet Silver, Deep Brown, Jazz Blue, Ambient White, Polar White, Colorado Red, Carbon Black, Antique Gray, and Tribal Red). On the outside, there are the stripes on the hood and the tailgate as well as special badges that create a new visual identity. 

2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4. (FIAT Brazil).

In the S-Design package, the entire interior is darkened. It comes with special seat covers, exclusive to the S-Design package. The steering wheel and door sides are in black stitched leather. The Fiat logos inside are also darkened and the chrome trim has been replaced by Matte Black and Gray trim colors. This gives the S-Design a more sporty interior look, in line with some of the same design themes we see on vehicles such as the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Black and Big Horn Black.

2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4. (FIAT Brazil).

The 2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design appearance package includes the following…

  • Darkened Interior 
  • Adhesive Stripes On Hood & Tailgate
  • Darkened Trim-Level and Powertrain Badges
  • Darkened Model and Brand Badges
  • Black Exterior Mirrors
  • Black Front Upper Grille
  • Gray Painted Ceiling Bars
  • Darkened Wheels 
  • Black Media Center Bezel
  • Black Air Vents
  • Black Door Handles
  • Black Speaker Vents
  • Leather and Fabric-Covered Seats
  • Front Panel with Leather Trim and Black Stitching
  • Rear Seat With Center Armrest with Cup Holders
2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4. (FIAT Brazil).

Some of the special equipment from the S-Design appearance package is applied at the Mopar Custom Shop in Goiana (Pernambuco), Brazil. The package will add R 5,000 (or about $1,300 USD) to the Freedom trim-level. The S-Design appearance package is available on the front-wheel-drive 2020 Fiat Toro Freedom 1.8 Flex AT6 S-Design starting at the price of R 114.990 (or about $30,150 USD) and the 2020 Fiat Toro Freedom 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 S-Design starting at R 145.990 (or about $38,300 USD).

2020 Fiat Toro Freedom S-Design Image Gallery:

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