FIAT Dominated March Sales In Brazil, Thanks To Its Pickup Lineup!

Fiat Strada and Toro Account For 55.1% Of The Countries Trucks!

While the FIAT brand has struggled to gain any traction in the North American marketplace, the Italian brand is celebrating its successes in Brazil. The FIAT brand closed the month of March in Brazil, with a record 38,043 units sold or 21.4% of the market share. That is the brand’s greatest performance since August 2014.

2021 Fiat Strada Freedom Carbine Plus. (FIAT).

It was no surprise that leading the way for the brand was the sub-compact pickup, the all-new Fiat Strada (also known throughtout LATAM as the Ram 700). Showing once again, that America isn’t the only country the loves their trucks. The Strada was the best-selling vehicle in Brazil for the month of March, selling 10,268 units.

The numbers also tell us that the FIAT brand is leading the national market for the quarter, exceeding 100,000 vehicles sold. That figures out to be 6.2% growth for the brand in the region when compared to the same time last year. It also marks the largest increase among its competitors. 

2021 Fiat Strada Valcano Double Cab. (FIAT).

FIAT also has 16.3% of the country’s retail market share, giving it the title of the most sold retail brand in Brazil for the first time since June 2015.

While the Strada took 5.8% of the total market share in the region, its larger sibling the Toro also had an unprecedented monthly performance. Toro sold 6,708 units, and reached 3.8% of the total market share in the industry, reaching a historic record since its launch.

2020 Fiat Toro Endurance 1.8 Flex MT5. (FIAT Brazil).

With these figures, FIAT shows that it understands the consumer as nobody when it comes to pickup trucks. Thanks to the Ram Truck brand for influence, the Strada totally dominates its segment with almost 77% participation. Toro (also known as the Ram 1000 in other LATAM countries) is not far behind either. Taking into account categories C and D (of larger pickups), the FIAT model has a 39.4% share in the month. This means that the brand has a 55.1% share in the sale of pickup trucks, that is, more than half of the models in the segment sold in Brazil are from FIAT.

Herlander Zola, Director of Brand FIAT and Commercial Operations Brazil, stated, “The extensive work we have done to reposition the brand in Brazil is already paying off. The consumer has realized the greater value that our [vehicles] deliver. He is now facing a new FIAT, with a more competitive product portfolio, which has changed the way it communicates in our campaigns and, mainly, with the dealer network ”.

2020 Fiat Toro Endurance 1.8 Flex MT5. (FIAT Brazil).

FIAT also maintained good results with the other models in its portfolio, such as Mobi, which also ended for the third consecutive month as the leader of the entry-level hatch segment, with a 54.3% share in March.

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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I believe a one year exploratory study be launched, perhaps through dealerships in Texas and maybe another state to test the sales potential of these trucks in the North American market, of course, with Ram branding. This would not preclude a mid-size Ram pickup, hopefully far along in development, with a compact offering. Based on the article and the visual appeal of the Toro and Strada, there might be a market here.
I would also test market some Peugeot products in a similar way to see if they can be mildly tweeked and branded as Chrysler’s to see if a potential market exists here. I’d loan them if necessary.
To dismiss this strategy of reskining and rebranding popular global vehicles seems to be a lost opportunity. Might be a big surprise.

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A good idea.
I also wonder if such vehicles might work in Australia, where the best sellers are currently the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.
These smaller utes "pickups" might just have a market waiting.

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Strada may not meet US crash standards (it has not been designed for them), and in any case would be too small for the typical American pickup buyer (it's smaller than a Toyota Corolla).
Toro, on the other hand, uses the same architecture as Compass, which means it should be relatively straightforward to modify for US requirements.

RHD conversion aside, Toro should be practically road-legal already in Australia - it meets European standards. Despite not being offered for sale in Europe, FIAT supplied a couple of hundred directly to the Italian fire service a couple of years ago.

FIAT is also rumored to be working on a mid-size pickup in Brazil, bigger than Toro but on the same (unibody) architecture, which definitely should be given a shot in the USA - Remember that Toluca can build anything in this family. No doubt, the purists will wail at "unibody", but the people who like the image of pickups but hate the high price, sloppy handling and poor fuel economy of BoF will run to the dealers. (We've been here before with SUVs)

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