CAUGHT: 2019 Ram Heavy Duty Interior Exposed:

A Few Changes From The 2019 Ram 1500...

Our sister site 5thGenRams.com has a whole series of spy photos of the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty interior. While we did breakdown that the new 2019 Heavy Duty are heavily updated versions of the current platform Heavy Duty models, Ram has not made this just a mild refresh.

The 2019 Ram Heavy Duty models will get a dash layout almost identical to its half-ton brother. The biggest difference is the fact that the column shifter will stay in the new trucks. Something that Heavy Duty truck owners have really be vocal about is, how they don’t want a rotary dial shifter.

The dash also differs from the 2019 Ram 1500, in the fact that the popular toggle switches have been replaced with AUX buttons. A button for the PTO is also shown to the far right of the five AUX buttons.

The new Heavy Duty models also get the highly liked new center console from the Ram 1500. Just in front of the center console, we can see that the Ram Heavy Duty also receives a single CD player just like the 1500.

It looks like Ram did a lot of reverse engineering, to bring all of Ram 1500’s tech into the Heavy Duty pickups. Heavy Duty owners should rejoice that the already tech-savy Heavy Duty is getting massive upgrades and the quality of the new interior from the all-new Ram 1500 as well, while keeping with it’s heavily influenced big-rig looks.

To see all the pictures, click over to 5thGenRams.com.

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