Mopar Launches “Moparized” Fiat Strada Compact Pickup:

Show Vehicle Highlights New Accessories For The All-New Strada...

Today, the FIAT Brazil is launching the brand’s all-new compact pickup truck, the 2021 Fiat Strada (also known in many markets as the Ram 700). The all-new unibody-based pickup is an important part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) portfolio in Latin and South America and is the No. 1 selling compact pickup in Brazil. So with the launch of any new FCA product, the Mopar brand is releasing 50 new accessories that will be available at the launch of the new Strada.

“Moparized” new Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Freedom. (Mopar).

Originally, the exclusive parts and accessories division of the former Chrysler Group, Mopar is now the global distributor and supplier of parts and accessories for all FCA brands including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia.

Attentive to the behavior of customers in a market segment in which customization plays an important role, the Mopar brand joined forces with the Design Center of FCA Latin America to create a show vehicle. “The main objective is to make this unique example a mobile showcase of the enormous growth in the possibilities of personalization obtained with the work done to significantly expand the portfolio of original accessories for the New Fiat Strada”, says Luís Santamaria, director of Mopar for Latin America.

“Moparized” new Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Freedom. (Mopar).

Based on the new Strada Freedom Cabine Plus (that we talked about briefly yesterday), the new “Moparized” pickup truck has gained its own personality, even though it only showcases 6 of the 50 new accessories from he extensive portfolio developed by Mopar. A removable trailer hitch, bucket (or bed) divider, elongated bed rail system (also known as a Santantonio), all-weather floor mats, bicycle support system, and a set of Mopar side steps. The “Moparized” Strada also is highlighted by a special paint scheme with the front part highlighted by the trademark Mopar blue, and the rear in which black stands out. 

“Moparized” new Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Freedom. (Mopar).

In total, of the 50 of the original accessories to personalize the new Fiat Strada, almost half are new to the model. Many of these accessories are already successful with the Strada’s bigger brother, the Fiat Toro (Ram 1000).

Mopar Accessories for the new Fiat Strada Image Gallery:

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