FIAT Teases New “Regular Cab” Version Of Its New Strada Compact Pickup:

Only A Day Before The Truck's Official Launch...

The all-new Fiat Strada (also known in several countries as the Ram 700) is getting ready to take to the street tomorrow, June 26th. The compact pickup has undergone a remarkable evolution in design, technology, and security. But even in relation to the attributes that define the Strada’s DNA (versatility, quality, and robustness), the second-generation of the best-selling compact pickup in Brazil for 20 years has evolved.

New Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Endurance Pickup. (FIAT).

Fiat released a teaser today the brand’s newest two-passenger “regular cab” version of the Fiat Strada called Cabine Plus. The compact pickup features a 1,354-liter (47.8 cu. ft.)  volume bed capacity, which is an increase of 134 liters over the model it will replace and making it the largest cargo volume in its category. The load capacity has also increased, from 705 kg (1,556 lbs) to 720 kg (1,587 lbs), which is more than the much larger 2011 Dodge Dakota Big Horn Quad Cab 4×4, which had a load capability of 1,480 lbs when equipped with a 3.7-liter Magnum V6 engine.

New Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Freedom Interior. (FIAT).

Inside in the Strada, the space has also gotten bigger. The current Strada single cabin has 49 liters with the spare tire behind the seats to accommodate luggage and other objects. The new Fiat Strada Cabine Plus triples the capacity with its 151.2 liters, ensuring, in addition to the attributes listed above, more comfort and useful space for its users.

New Fiat Strada Cabine Plus Endurance Pickup. (FIAT).

The all-new Fiat Strada Cabine Plus will arrive in two different versions, Endurance and Freedom. More details about the all-new compact pickup will be given at the official presentation of the model, tomorrow. Stay tuned as MoparInsiders will have a complete breakdown of the new compact pickup for the Latin and South American markets.

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