Leah Pritchett’s Has Her Own Line Of Aftermarket Wheels:

Leah Pritchett's Signature Series Wheels By Center Line Wheels...

You have been following MoparInsiders, you know we are HUGE Leah Pritchett fans. But did you know that besides her being a NHRA SAM Tech Factory Stock Showdown Champion as well as one of the top racers in NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, she also is a wheel designer? That’s right, she designs aftermarket wheels.

Center Line Wheels was one of the biggest maker of aftermarket wheels, closed it’s doors after 40 years in early 2017. Corona, California-based wheel manufacturer, Design Infini, acquired the Center Line brand and associated intellectual property. This acquisition allowed Design Infini to produce new Center Line branded products that benefited from Design Infini’s extensive design, manufacturing, and marketing resources.

One of their first steps to reinvent the brand, was to get outside help from someone with a connection to the world in which Center Line Wheels was known for… drag racing. Design Infini teamed up with Pritchett to create her own signature series of wheels. Of course Leah being sponsored by Dodge and Mopar, her signature series is specifically designed for the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 300.

The Leah Pritchett Signature Series or LP Series comes currently in five different wheel designs. Three are unique 5-spoke wheels, one a multi-spoke design and the other one is a radical full dish wheel. Wheels come in either a 20-inch or a 22-inch size. They also come in 9.5-inch or 10.5-inch width size.

To see the complete line of LP Series wheels, you can check them out on Center Line’s website.

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