Ram Sells The Most Full Sized Pickups In Q2 2021!

Silverado Takes Second, F-Series Gets Bumped To Third...

This past year and a half has been an odd one for the automotive industry. Last year sales took a sharp nosedive at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic but shot up shortly thereafter. The automakers couldn’t catch a break, though, as they have been dealing with a shortage of semiconductors used to produce many electronic components in modern vehicles. 

2022 Ram 1500 Laramie G/T Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

While both Ram and General Motors have changed up option packaging or removed some features from their lineups, allowing them to maximize available chips, Ford seems to have been hit the hardest. The F-Series is the perennial best selling in the full-sized truck segment, with Ram and Chevrolet jockeying for second place over the past few years. There have been many viral photos of lots full of F-150’s and Super Duties built but awaiting completion due to the chip shortage, and it definitely hit Ford hard this quarter. 

2021 Ram 1500 Classic Express Black Quad Cab 4×4 (Left) and 2021 Ram 1500 Classic Black Express Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

Ram was the biggest winner in Q2, sliding into the first sales spot for the quarter. Ram sold 164,232 pickups, compared to 117,448 during Q2 of 2020 for a 40% gain. Chevrolet trailed by just over 2,500 units with 161,706 Silverados sold, up from 120,744 a year prior for a gain of 33.9%. Ford slid from first to third, moving 158,235 F-series pickups in the second quarter, compared to 180,825 last year, taking a 12.5% hit. GMC saw a large gain, with 75,495 Sierras sold, compared to 53,824 during the same time frame last year.

Sales (U.S) Q2 2021 Q2 2020 Change
Ram Pickups 164232 117448 40.0%
Chevrolet Silverado 161706 120744 33.9%
Ford F-Series 158235 180825 -12.5%
GMC Sierra 75495 53824 40.3%
Toyota Tundra 24731 27222 -9.2%
Nissan Titan 10313 6464 59.5%

The Toyota Tundra took a 9.2% hit selling 24,731 Tundras during the second quarter, compared to 27,222 last year. Nissan’s Titan was up 59.5% over Q2 of last year, and while that might sound impressive, it is a difference of 3,849 trucks sold. Nissan Sold 10,313 Titans during Q2 of 2021 compared to 6,464 in Q2 of 2021. Toyota has shown a photo of the 2022 Tundra and is expected to do a full reveal on the truck soon. 

2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport. (Toyota).

Through the first half of the year, Ford is still in first place overall, selling 362,032 F-series pickups, while Ram is comfortably in second place at 313,068 pickups sold, a gain of 27% over the first half of 2020. Chevrolet is in third at 286,410 sales, followed by GMC, Toyota, and Nissan. 

Sales (U.S) First half 2021 sales First half 2020 sales Change
Ford F-Series 362032 367387 -1.5%
Ram Pickups 313068 246253 27.0%
Chevrolet Silverado 286410 264442 8.3%
GMC Sierra 138412 106833 29.6%
Toyota Tundra 43865 48880 -10.3%
Nissan Titan 17776 12196 45.8%
2021 Ford F-150 Limited SuperCrew 4×4. (Ford).

Q3 will be an interesting one as Ford has secured a supply of chips to complete the aforementioned trucks built and awaiting the semiconductors. Conversely, GM has just announced they will shut down Silverado/Sierra production for a week due to the shortage. Will Ram be able to hold off the Silverado and keep the second-place spot for 2020? We will have to wait and see.

First Half 2021 Full Sized Truck Sales. (MoparInsiders).
Q2 2021 Full-Size Truck Sales. (MoparInsiders).

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