FIAT Continues To Tease It’s New Fastback SUV For LATAM Region!

Will Make Official Debut On Wednesday, September 14th...

Set to be launched on Wednesday, September 14th, the all-new Fiat Fastback, little by little, continues to be teased. The brand first revealed its name, then its silhouette, and then its exterior design three weeks ago. Now, FIAT Brazil is showing off the interior of the model that will be at the top of its model range for its passenger car lineup in Latin America (LATAM).

2023 Fiat Fastback B-SUV Exterior Teaser. (FIAT).

In a quick 22-second teaser video, it is possible to see the details of the new interior design, such as textures, materials, and color tones that invoke all of the refinement of the new FIAT SUV coupe. Even the seats stand out for their exquisite finish with a low-relief design, giving even more refinement and sportiness to the Fastback’s interior.

2023 Fiat Fastback B-SUV Interior Teaser. (FIAT).

The cockpit features a wrap-around cockpit, creating an enveloping atmosphere for all occupants. The onboard experience is even better with the tall and very functional center console, which highlights the Uconnect 5 infotainment center on the dashboard. It is worth mentioning that the higher driving position is more positioned like that of an SUV rather than a car, giving the driver a greater sense of security and being able to see things ahead.

2023 Fiat Fastback B-SUV Interior Teaser. (FIAT).

We can also see that like all other new Stellantis vehicles, the Fastback will also gain a fully digital gauge cluster. Other key things that the video focuses on are the new FIAT steering wheel, which encompasses the current steering wheel controls from the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Durango, as well as an electronic parking park (the first offering of it in the current Fiat Brazil lineup).
It is expected that the Fastback will be sold throughout the LATAM region, including Mexico.

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