Fiat Introduces An Even Cheaper Model Of Its Fastback UV For Brazil

Powered By The 1.0-liter Inline-Three-Cylinder Turbo...

Fiat is set to make a bold statement in the Brazilian automotive market with the launch of the Fastback Turbo 200, the latest addition to the brand’s first utility vehicle coupe. Combining attention-grabbing design, impressive performance, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge technology, the Fastback Turbo 200 aims to redefine the SUV segment at an accessible price point. With its competitive pricing and a wide range of standard amenities, this new entry-level model is poised to captivate car enthusiasts across the market.

2023 Fiat Fastback Turbo 200. (Fiat).

Starting at R$119,990 ($25,128 USD), the Fastback Turbo 200 brings a breath of fresh air to the SUV Coupe category, offering a compelling combination of value and sophistication. The strategic timing of its release aligns with the government’s plan to expand the B-UV segment, enabling Fiat to consolidate its position in Brazil and solidify its market share. 

True to its name, the Fastback Turbo 200 boasts a turbocharged engine that delivers performance. Beneath the hood lies a 1.0-liter 200 Flex inline-three-cylinder turbo engine, generating 130 horsepower with ethanol (125 horsepower with gasoline) and 200 Nm (148 lb.-ft.) of torque. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 9.4 seconds, the Fastback Turbo 200 outshines its competitors in the 1.0-liter turbo engine category.

2023 Fiat Fastback Turbo 200. (Fiat).

The impressive performance is complemented by remarkable fuel efficiency, setting a new benchmark in its class. With consumption figures of up to 14.6 km/l (34 mpg) on the highway, the Fastback Turbo 200 boasts the lowest fuel consumption among its 1.0-liter turbocharged rivals. The state-of-the-art engine is paired with a seamless 7-speed automatic transmission, ensuring smooth and controlled driving dynamics.

The Fastback Turbo 200 comes loaded with an array of standard features, offering a level of refinement typically found in premium models. The inclusion of an 8.4-inch Uconnect 5 touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, electronic parking brake, automatic and digital air conditioning, autopilot, rear parking sensors, reverse camera, LED headlights and taillights, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a comprehensive safety package including four airbags, Stability Control (ESC), and Traction Control Plus (TC+) makes the Fastback Turbo 200 an outstanding value proposition.

2023 Fiat Fastback Turbo 200. (Fiat).

Available in five captivating colors—Banks White, Bari Silver, Vulcan Black, Silverstone Gray, and Strato Gray—the Fastback Turbo 200 exudes Italian design prowess. Its unique appearance stands out among competitors, capturing attention wherever it goes. The model offers the largest trunk in its category and ample internal space, providing practicality without compromising comfort. With its elevated driving position and generous ground clearance, the Fastback Turbo 200 offers an elevated driving experience, further appealing to SUV enthusiasts.

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