FIAT Revamps Its Fiorino Light Commercial Van For Latin America!

Also Known As The Ram ProMaster Rapid...

As a leader in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment throughout the Latin American market, the Fiat Fiorino has always been a hard-working utility vehicle for hundreds of thousands of business owners. Present in the lives of Brazilians since 1980, the 2022 model features a mid-cycle-action (MCA) to perpetuate the good services provided with more benefits to the consumer.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

In many of those Latin American markets, the Fiorino is sold under the Ram brand as the ProMaster Rapid or Ram V700 Rapid

The 2022 Fiat Fiorino is loaded with novelties, starting with an updated design. At the front, there is a more aggressive look thanks to a set of new headlights, redesigned bumpers, fenders, and hood. The front grille bears the new F-I-A-T script logo and is complemented by the FIAT flag in the lower right corner, reinforcing the Italian spirit of a model fully-designed and manufactured at the Betim Automotive Pole in Brazil. 

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

Its comfortable and functional interior now features a completely redesigned panel. The new cluster includes a 6-function onboard computer, tachometer, and digital partial odometer. With standard height adjustment, the steering wheel now features the F-I-A-T text. The cabin has also received darker tones and 4 new storage compartments, which brings the total to 13 compartments or 18.3 liters (10% more volume than last year). Among them is an exclusive space for a card machine in the door, in addition to an area above the illuminated glove box.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

Occupant comfort is ensured by a long list of standard equipment. The updated Fiorino comes standard with hydraulic steering, air conditioning, driver’s seat with height adjustment, electric windows and locks, remote control key, sound predisposition, crankcase protector, alarm, and fog lights, essential in situations of low visibility.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

Since nothing is more important than safety, the updated Fiorino incorporates traction and stability control (ESC) as standard. The equipment uses several sensors that, upon detecting a risky situation for the vehicle, act on the brake and accelerator to allow the driver to regain control. Through the Emergency Brake Signal, the van automatically turns on the turn signal lights and flashes the brake lights, alerting other drivers and reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

The stability control also includes the feature of assistant start on-ramp (Hill Holder), an excellent ally in the day to day of urban displacements. The system brings more comfort and safety in maneuvers by detecting when the vehicle is stopped on a sloping floor, keeping the brakes activated for a few seconds. This makes it easier to exit traffic lights and ramps. The feature is also activated on descents, making reverse maneuvers easier.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

The new Fiorino uses the renowned 1.4-liter EVO Flex inline-four-cylinder engine, now tuned to meet the new Proconve (PL7) emissions and noise rules. Recognized for its excellent torque at low revs, which makes the utility vehicle more agile and efficient when transporting loads, the propeller became even more economical, with a reduction of up to 11.8% in gasoline consumption (the improvement with ethanol was 8.3%). It generates up to 86 horsepower of power and 120 Nm (88 lb.-ft.) of torque with ethanol.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

The driver also benefits from the new adjustments of the 5-speed manual transmission. The 2nd and 3rd gears are now shorter, giving more agility in urban traffic while reducing the need for changes in retakes and climbs. The 5th gear has been extended by 5%, which reduces engine speed at cruising speeds, thus improving consumption and reducing noise in the cabin. The reverse gear was shortened by 14%, making it easier to maneuver on hills even with the vehicle fully loaded.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

Not even the smallest details went unnoticed by the engineering team. The 2022 Fiat Fiorino’s windshield wipers, for example, are now of the flat-blade type. This technology allows for better cleaning of the glass while generating less aerodynamic noise. It also has a longer service life, with an exclusive six-month warranty.

The seats have been modified and are more comfortable, with a significant improvement over the previous set and surpassing even the competition’s passenger models, as they use more resistant material. This change is complemented by the new door panel, which offers more support for the arms of the driver and a passenger of any size.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

The climate in the cabin will also always be pleasant, thanks to the recalibrated air conditioning, capable of cooling the interior of the van up to 6ºC (43ºF) in the first 15 minutes of operation, which means an 18% faster cooling of the cabin, considering laboratory tests and simulation of heavy urban traffic conditions.

Another modification took place in the rear suspension, recognized for its strength and robustness when using rigid axle omega type with longitudinal parabolic spring, like the updated Strada, which starts using more resistant materials. This change made the assembly lighter and reduced residual camber and unsprung mass, improving efficiency and stability.

2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance. (FIAT).

These improvements complement the attributes that have made the Fiat Fiorino a favorite with business owners and fleet owners. These include the ruggedness of a vehicle designed for the job, the load capacity (650 kg or 1,433 lbs.), the ideal size for urban use, and the low cost of ownership. 

The 2022 Fiat Fiorino Endurance has a Brazilian Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of R$99,990 (or about $17,811.15 USD). 

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