CAUGHT: 2023 Fiat Fastback (Project 376) Prototype On The Streets Of Brazil!

Another Crossover SUV Coming For The Red Hot FIAT Brand In LATAM...

In 2018, the FIAT brand showcased a five-door coupe-like SUV at the São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil. The concept vehicle was aimed at the C-SUV segment and expressed a radical change in design for the Italian automaker in the Latin American (LATAM) marketplace. 

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Designed by the Stellantis LATAM design studio, the Fiat Fastback Concept drew inspiration from the polarizing Fiat Toro compact pickup truck. The concept vehicle made headlines across the globe, instantly greenlighting the Fastback for the path of production. Known internally as “Project 376”, it’s been four years since the concept vehicle made its debut, mostly due to the pandemic.

In recent weeks, spy photos have surfaced online of the production version of the Fastback testing on public roads in Brazil. FIAT engineers have done a good job of trying to hide the Fastback’s coupe-like profile with heavy camouflage.

According to our friends at Autos Segredos (Auto Secrets), the production Fastback will be based on the MLA platform which underpins the all-new Fiat Pulse. The MLA platform is an improved version of the MP1 architecture on which the subcompact Argo hatchback is based.

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Autos Segredos also reports that the production Fastback will feature the turbocharged 1.3-liter GSE-T4 inline-four-cylinder engine (also known as the Turbo 270 Flex). It is the same engine found on the Renegade and Compass and should deliver 185 horsepower and 270 Nm (200 ft.-lbs.) of torque. It will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

They also say that the Fastback will feature Pulse’s new Turbo 200 Flex, the most powerful turbocharged 1.0-liter engine in Brazil. The Turbo 200 Flex (turbocharged 1.0-liter GSE-T3 inline-three-cylinder) engine is capable of generating 130 horsepower of maximum power with ethanol (125 horsepower with gasoline), a best-in-class horsepower claim. The Turbo 200 Flex also provides ample torque of 200 Nm (148 ft.-lbs.), regardless of fuel, and is available between 1,750 rpm and 3,500 rpm.

It was also reported that the production Fastback would feature the same wheelbase as the Pulse, however, it would be longer than it. 

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Judging the latest spy photos, it appears that Fastback will ditch the front-end styling shared with the Toro but instead will implement the front styling of the new Pulse. Most of the front-end, as well as the front doors, should be from the Pulse.

The prototype caught on roads recently, appear to be “VP” or fast feedback vehicles. This is the last stage of the validation process, just before a vehicle starts production. So it means we should see the final product very soon.

You can see even more spy photos from our friends at Autos Segredos on their website.

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