Fiat 500e Is The Second-Slowest Selling Vehicle In The U.S.

Dodge Hornet Moves To Third Spot, With 16,131 Units On Lots...

In recent months, Stellantis (FCA US, LLC) dealers have struggled to clear existing inventory, leading many to dismiss new allocations from FCA US. Factors contributing to this predicament include high prices, high interest rates, inflation, dealer markups, and poor rebates and financing compared to competitors. As a result, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and Ram (CDJR) dealers find it difficult to sell vehicles.

To start July, CarEdge.com reports that luxury models dominate the list of slowest-selling new cars. The slowest-selling vehicle in the U.S. is now the electric Acura ZDX, with a 599-day supply. Despite being new to the market, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) remain sluggish, with these vehicles making up half of the top-10 slowest-selling list for July 2024.

2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV. (Voyles CDJR of Birmingham).

Five of the top-10 slowest-selling vehicles are built by Stellantis. The Dodge Hornet, previously in second place, has moved to third place with a 384-day supply. Data shows that only 1,889 units were sold in the last 45 days, while dealers continue to sit on a 16,131-unit supply.

Make Model Market Day Supply Average Selling Price Total For Sale Total Sold (45 Days)
Acura ZDX 599 $70,450 2,968 223
Fiat 500e 459 $34,683 1,031 101
Dodge Hornet 384 $42,644 16,131 1,889
Maserati Levante 344 $101,705 903 118
Audi Q4 e-tron 254 $63,439 5,154 914
Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron 238 $66,155 1,515 287
Lincoln Navigator 238 $104,745 9,107 1,722
Jaguar XF 229 $58,406 815 160
Jeep Gladiator 225 $53,516 26,504 5,307
Ram Ram 3500 224 $79,453 19,045 3,828

The newly launched all-electric Fiat 500e city car is in second place. Despite halted production at the Mirafiori Assembly Plant in Italy, American dealers have a 459-day supply, or 1,031 units on lots. Over the past 45 days, U.S. dealers have sold just 101 units. The Fiat 500e also has the lowest average transaction price, at $34,683.

Maserati’s aging Levante SUV took fourth place on the list. With a 344-day supply, the Levante has the second-highest average transaction price, at $101,705. Currently, 903 units are sitting on lots, and in the past 45 days, dealers managed to sell 118 units.

2024 Fiat 500e (RED). (Orangeville CDJR).

The Jeep® Gladiator is in ninth place. Despite receiving a mid-cycle refresh for the 2024 model year, this midsized lifestyle truck has a 225-day supply on dealer lots, totaling 26,504 units. Jeep dealers sold 5,307 units over the past 45 days, with the average transaction price at $53,516.

Rounding out the list in tenth place is the Ram 3500. With a 224-day supply, or 19,045 units on lots, and an updated model coming this fall, Ram is pushing its dealers to sell off remaining units. In the past 45 days, CDJR dealers have sold 3,828 units, with the average transaction price at $79,453.

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