Could Dodge Bring A Smaller All-Electric B-SUV To Market?

It Makes Sense...

As Stellantis continues on its path forward with electrification, there are a number of electrified crossovers/SUVs in the pipeline from the automaker. One of those vehicles, the Dodge Hornet C-SUV is a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) that will be unveiled later this summer. It will mark the first time that Dodge will bring a mass-produced electrified vehicle (EV) to market. But the American performance brand has made it no secret that it will continue to advance its lineup of EVs.

Dodge Dart BEV SUV Rendering. (KDesign).

One vehicle Stellantis recently announced is the new “yet-to-be-named” Jeep® B-SUV. Rumored to be called the “Jeepster”, the newest Jeep vehicle will be the brand’s first all-electric SUV.

But what if Dodge were to adopt the new all-electric SUV on its own. One digital artist believes it could be successful for the brand to do so. Kleber Silva (@KDesignAG), has altered the Jeep B-SUV into a Dodge using styling elements from the former 2013 to 2016 Dodge Dart. Amazingly, the Dart’s styling blends really well into the Jeep’s bodylines. However, it looks to be about 5 years too late to the scene.

Dodge Dart BEV SUV Rendering. (KDesign).

We would be surprised to see a smaller Dodge crossover in the future. Over the recent decade, the Dodge brand has had three crossovers/SUVs in its lineup. With the crossover/SUV market continuing to grow, we expect Dodge will jump on the bandwagon and try to takedown performance variants from Tesla, like the Model Y.


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