FCA Italy Patents Twin Spark Plug Engine With Combustion Pre-Chamber:

Bringing F1 Technology To The Street

Last week we told you about a Maserati development mule that is currently being driven on the streets of Modena, Italy. Not only was the two-seat sports car something new for Maserati (Previously slated for Alfa as the 8C), but our sources also tell us that the mule is powered by a new powertrain, which we now have more details on.

MoparInsiders’ sources have found a patent application filed by FCA Italy, titled “GASOLINE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE, WITH A COMBUSTION PRE-CHAMBER AND TWO SPARK PLUGS” relating to the new turbocharged V6 engine, dubbed the “Twin Spark” which is expected to develop 625 horsepower.

FCA Italy Twin Spark Patent Image

Six inventors are listed on the patent application, and after some research, each inventor has an impressive background:

Fabio Bedogni – With Ferrari from 2009-Present

Stefano Magistrali – Powertrain team leader for Maserati 2014-Present

Davide Mazzoni – Engineer responsible for mechanical engine development for Ferrari 2006-Present, Experimental engine development engineer for Ferrari F1 2001-2006, Engine development engineer for Ducati 1996-2001

Ettore Musu – Responsible for Gasoline powertrain innovation for Maserati Apr 2018-Present, Powertrain innovation senior specialist for Maserati-Jan 2015-Mar 2018

Gianluca Pivetti – Ex Ferrari engineer 2013-2015

Paolo Zolesi – Engine design manager at Maserati-Jan

The patent is similar to a technology that is currently in use by Ferrari F1 with a few differences. The Ferrari F1 design uses a fuel injector as part of the combustion pre-chamber, which Mahle currently has a patent on. To get around this FCA engineers came up with a bright idea. As with the Alfa Romeo 90 degree V6, this new engine will use two fuel injectors, one directly into the combustion chamber (Direct-injected), while the other injector will be located in each cylinder intake duct (Port injection). This gets the engineers around Mahle’s patent by not having an injector in the pre-chamber but should return similar results.

Maserati Mid-Engined Super Car Mule. (Maserati).

“…The pre-chamber is, not used for engine operation with poor dosing, but to increase resistance to engine detonation. The engine can thus be configured with a high compression ratio, with a significant reduction in fuel consumption at the same power level. The second spark plug is only activated at low and medium engine loads to stabilize combustion. …”

-FCA Italy patent docs

The end goal of FCAs new patent is to reach higher power levels, see a significant reduction in power consumption, or a mix of both depending on engine load. Klaus Busse, Head of Design for AlfaRomeo, Maserati, Fiat, Abarth, and Lancia, had posted a video clip with an exciting exotic engine sound on his Instagram profile, believed to be this new engine, but it has unfortunately since been removed. 

With the end goal of reaching 625 horsepower from around 3-liters of displacement, it’s no wonder that FCA engineers are looking to innovate wherever they can.


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