Maserati’s New Supercar Mule Teases New Powertrain:

Marks Debut Of New Maserati-Specific Powertrain...

We recently told you about the upcoming new vehicles planned for the Maserati brand. Now Maserati has shown us a teaser of its latest development “mule” of its upcoming Maserati-built powertrain. The development mule was driven out of the gates of Maserati headquarters at Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena, Italy on Thursday.

The mule features a special wrap, which echoes the “Save the Date” teaser sent out by the brand for a scheduler for May 2020, which is more than likely where this new car will be unveiled.

Maserati Mid-Engined Super Car Mule. (Maserati).

According to our sources, the new chassis is made of a mid-engine carbon fiber monocoque that features front and rear aluminum subframes. This alone puts this car against the like of McLaren and Ferrari. The engine will be developed by the Maserati Research and Development center but looks to be a further evolution of the 90-degree V6 design, used by the current Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

While the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio models produce 505 horsepower with their twin-turbo application, our sources are stating that Maserati is preparing for something more potent. Our sources are stating that this engine could have up to 625 horsepower and will feature Twin Spark technology. We can tell you that this car will not be the only one to use the 625 horsepower V6 engine.

Maserati Mid-Engined Super Car Mule. (Maserati).

Now mated up to that amazing new Maserati-specific motor, will be an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that will feature an integrated P2 type electric motor. In addition, the new mid-engine Maserati will also use an electric motor at the front of the car, to power the front wheels. This means that the car will have an e-AWD system, similar to the Honda (Acura) NSX and will be a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a combined horsepower rating in excess of 700 horsepower, and more than likely closer to the 800 horsepower mark.

In addition to this PHEV, Maserati will also offer a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) version of this car at a later date. It is to be part of the new MaseratiBlue family, that will feature fast charging available due to its 800-volt electric architecture.

Maserati Mid-Engined Super Car Mule. (Maserati).

The new experimental vehicles will be completely developed and built in-house by Maserati. The data acquired through testing will be used to fine-tune and develop the prototypes and their final bodywork and mechanics.

So what do you think of the new Maserati mid-engined PHEV? Leave your comments below.


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