Dodge Launches “Muscleville” Ad Campaign For Spring:

Dodge Gets Ready For Muscle Car Season...

The Dodge brand has launched a national marketing campaign called “Muscleville,” featuring four new television commercials also shown on their social media platforms this past week.

“There’s no better time than Spring to kick off muscle car season,” said Steve Beahm, Head of Passenger Car Brands, Dodge//SRT, Chrysler and FIAT – FCA North America. “And what better way to celebrate our Dodge//SRT enthusiasts than to create a town just for them. In fact, our fans had the opportunity to line up on Main Street to meet the ‘Mayor’ and participate in the production, making them honorary residents of ‘Muscleville,’ a Dodge owner’s paradise.”

Dodge partnered with the Doner advertising company to produce the “Muscleville” content. The brand transformed the small town of Taft, California, which is located 32 miles southwest of Bakersfield. The town welcomed the film crews for the commercials over a three-day period last month. Dodge also apparently had a local Dodge car club also join as extras for background shots.

The advertisements give “muscle car enthusiasts a take at having a town of their own.”, according to Dodge. “It’s a place where speed bumps don’t exist, and donuts are served fresh every morning at the corner of SRT Street and Charger Lane. Welcome to Muscleville, where the only dating is speed dating, and the town square is a straightaway with a Christmas Tree in place of traffic lights”.

The new campaign features former pro-wrestler, NFL player and car enthusiast, Bill Goldberg as the mayor of the fictional “Muscleville.” As you may remember Goldberg starred in the brand’s “Jolly Fast Man” commercials during the holiday season, with that Challenger SRT HELLCAT Redeye sleigh, everyone in the car world was talking about.

The commercials remind us of another former Dodge (errr Ram) commercial campaign. The launch of 2002 Ram 1500 pickup, launched the “Mayor of Truckville” campaign featuring the rock band, Aerosmith. 


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