A REAL MAN’S TRUCK: Ram 2500/3500 AEV Prospector XL!

Truly, The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle...

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) have built some of the most amazing off-road-oriented Mopars on the planet over the past two decades. The Michigan-based company has been modifying Jeep® Wranglers for a number of years but has expanded to include the Jeep Gladiator, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, and the Ram 2500/3500 Heavy Duty. 

2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

The company’s Prospector XL package is AEV’s ultimate adventurer, which maximizes ground clearance, and takes the Ram Heavy Duty to the next level for off-roaders. The Prospector XL package is available on both the Ram 2500/3500, on a number of cab configurations and trim levels. 

2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

So what makes the Prospector XL so special? Let’s take a look at the standard features on the Prospector XL package…

  • AEV Ram Heavy Duty Front Bumper
  • AEV Ram Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
  • AEV Front Bumper Low Tube
  • AEV Diesel Intercooler Shroud Kit
  • AEV Non-Winch Cover Plate
  • AEV HighMark Fender Flares
  • AEV Hydraulic-Assist Steering Upgrade
  • AEV 3-Inch DualSport RT Suspension System
  • AEV ProCal Module
  • AEV 17-Inch x 10-Inch Katla Wheels
  • Toyo 40-Inch Open Country M/T Tires
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors
  • AEV Branding Package
  • AEV Instrument Panel (I/P) Cluster
  • AEV Logo Headrests
  • AEV Vehicle Build Plaque
2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

AEV improves off-road articulation while actually outperforming stock Rams in pavement handling tests. Factory springs and control arms are retained but are optimized with 3-inch cast aluminum coil spacers and front brackets that reposition the control arms and axle an inch forward. This improves fender-well clearance during suspension cycling. To control unsprung weight, AEV co-engineered Bilstein 5160-series remote reservoir shocks with Prospector XL-specific digressive valving. The benefits are less damping at low speeds and increased firmness as speeds rise, improving control.

2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

Corrective components include extended swaybar end links, bump stop lowering brackets, and an aluminum front driveshaft spacer. Additionally, the AEV Hydraulic-Assist Kit restores factory geometry with a replacement draglink, track bar, and track bar tower. These components correct roll center height, body roll, bump steer, and roll steer. Stock steering feel is restored by AEV’s heavy-duty Hydraulic Assist Steering Kit.

AEV engineered the Prospector XL to ride and handle better than stock – on up to 40-inch tires. The key is keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity as low as possible. The AEV HighMark Fender Flares increase the fender radius for maximum tire clearance with only the AEV 3-inch DualSport suspension lift. The flares also combine with proper-offset AEV wheels to accommodate 13.5-inch-wide tires for a wider, more stable stance with no steering clearance issues.

2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

The Prospector XL package will set you back $20,999 for the standard features. However, AEV will customize your Ram 2500/3500 even further with custom paint work or add even more accessories for those Overlanding adventures.

Optional upgrades for the AEV Prospector XL include…

  • AEV Bed Rack
  • AEV Snorkel
  • AEV Differential Covers
  • AEV Front Brush Guard
  • AEV 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights
  • Vision X 30-Inch XPL LED Light Bar
  • Baja Designs Rear Bumper LED Lights
  • AEV Leather / CORDURA® Interior
  • AEV Premium Leather Interior Upgrade
  • AEV F-1 Leather Interior Upgrade
  • AEV Rear Splash Guards
  • AEV Full-Size Spare Tire – Flat Bed Mount
  • AEV Full-Size Spare Tire – Vertical Mount
  • AEV Painted Appearance Package
  • AEV Rear Bumper Lighting
  • AMP Power Side Steps
  • 16.5 Winch
  • AEV Weekender Recovery Gear Kit
  • AEV Expedition Recovery Gear Kit

And for those buyers who don’t have a Ram Heavy Duty pickup yet to modify, AEV has a select dealer network that can help you order and has inventory across the United States. This 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab Prospector XL is just one of the examples that are currently available for purchase. 

2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

This particular truck has been fitted with several optional accessories like…

  • Front Bumper: AEV 7000 Series Light Kit – 2
  • Front Bumper: AEV Ram Front Skid Plate for Ram 2500
  • Front Bumper: Vision X 30″ XPL LED Light Bar
  • Rear Bumper: AEV Fullsize Spare Tire with Vertical Mount
  • Rear Bumper: Baja Designs Rear Bumper LED Lights
  • Rear Bumper: Diesel Exhaust Tip
  • Underbody: AEV Rear Splash Guards
  • AEV Paint Appearance Package
  • AEV 8100 Series Shock Upgrade
  • AEV Katla Wheel – Black
2022 Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab AEV Prospector XL. (AEV).

While the stock Cummins-powered Ram 3500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab has a window sticker price of $92,985, AEV has fitted it with the Prospector XL package and optional equipment for an additional $28,122. When all is said in done, with shipping, the truck has a total MSRP of $123,207. 

For more information on the AEV Prospector XL, you can check out the AEV website along with their own Build & Price configurator and dealer inventory locator.


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