Jeep® Commander Makes Its Debut In The Argentine Marketplace!

The Seven-Passenger D-SUV Expands Outside Of Brazil...

After obtaining the premium vehicle of the year award in Brazil, the new 2022 Jeep® Commander (H1), the largest and most sophisticated Jeep produced in the region, reaches the Argentine market. It comes to bring a new level of sophistication to the brand of the seven slots in the country and make the range of products even more complete.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Designed to provide maximum comfort, the new Commander was born from the need to offer a new model to complement the offer and expand the participation within the midsize-SUV segment in the Latin America region. It is a model with its own personality, an imposing and sophisticated design with finishes and premium technology without neglecting the undeniable capacity for adventure that is characteristic of the Jeep brand.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

The balance of its lines brings elegance and dynamism to a typical Jeep, which features the traditional seven grooves that, together with the unified headlights, sport a unique signature, reinforcing the spaciousness and imposing of the Commander’s personality. The rear silhouette and horizontal bar match the sophistication of the taillight signature. 

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Full-LED headlights provide more safety and have dynamic turn indication that works as an additional element of elegance to the exterior design. The taillights, also in LED, have a new horizontal design and are finished in Satin Chrome with four lower reflectors, one of them for the turn signal function and the other three function as position and brake lights. The optical group provides a total harmony between its lights since the fog lights and daytime running lights (DRLs) are also LED.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

The model is offered in 8 color options combined with a piano black roof. The Limited version equips its lower frames in black, while in the Overland version they are body color. In addition, the Overland version incorporates a double-panel panoramic sunroof with electric command and blackout.

Notably, the 2022 Jeep Commander continues the tradition of incorporating “Easter eggs” into the vehicle. In addition to some already known and present in other models in the range, the Commander offers some new ones and invites users and enthusiasts of the brand to discover them. 

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Developed on the Small Wide 4×4 platform, the Jeep Commander has a body made of 79% high and ultra-resistant steel, which provides greater safety to its occupants by increasing rigidity and absorbing impacts. The model has new front and rear suspensions with geometry and calibration adapted to the dimensions and weight of the model. They were developed to offer the best performance, handling, and comfort in all conditions.

Even the Commander’s air conditioning performance stands out. With a dual-zone system and rear fan, it has the best third-row temperature in the segment, 10% lower than the competition.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Sophistication can be considered as the main attribute of the Jeep Commander. Inside, it was designed to offer a high level of refinement that can be perceived from its seats covered in a combination of leather and suede. The construction materials also add to the premium experience in the interior. The external seams are visible in the cabin and have a copper tone that is combined with the terminations of the transmission tunnel. The central armrest brings a direct reminiscence of the brand’s founding year. The front seats have low relief engravings on their backrests, the Limited version incorporates the Jeep logo, while for Overland, it is the name of the version that is engraved.  

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

The interior of the 2022 Jeep Commander features two variants of upholstery in leather and suede: black for the Limited version, and brown for the Overland version. In line with the seats, the dash also features a combined leather and suede trim and satin chrome trim that is also visible on the vehicle’s exterior emblems.

While being based on a stretched version of the Compass architecture, interior space is not lacking in the new Commander. There are three rows of seats, seven seats in total, and one of the largest rear cargo spaces in the category with 1,760 liters (62.15 cubic feet) with the seats down, 661 liters (23.3 cubic feet) with the five-passenger configuration, and 233 liters (7.8 cubic feet) with all seven seats up – the largest volume with seven passengers for the segment. In addition, the model also has a surprising storage space of 31 liters of volume.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Very versatile, the Commander allows the seats to be folded in eight different ways, leading to an easy and intuitive extension of the vehicle’s load span. Furthermore, it is not only the first row that brings maximum comfort and practicality. The second row has a longitudinal displacement of up to 14 cm (5.5 inches), allowing you to choose between greater legroom also for passengers in the middle row or choose to increase the trunk even further.

It is worth mentioning that the second and third rows of seats are reclining, ensuring a more comfortable personalized position between each occupant. To top it off, the Jeep Commander has great accessibility to all this space, with an 80° door opening angle, the best among its competitors.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

When it comes to technology, the Commander takes a lot of the refreshed Compass’ goodies and repackages it into the new D-segment SUV. There is the customizable 10.25-inch Full Digital cluster and 10.1-inch Full HD Uconnect 5 touchscreen media center with built-in navigation and mirroring for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly. It also has smartphone charging, place the device on the indicated part of the center console and the wireless charging capable device will fast charge. However, in case other passengers want to do the wired charging, there are USB ports in the three rows of seats.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

It also brings access to the trunk with electrical opening and closing on the Limited and Overland, the latter also having a presence sensor (Hands-Free). There are also windshield and side window defrost, automatic mirror folding, Keyless Enter ‘N Go, and Dual-Zone air conditioning with a channel dedicated to the rear seats.

The all-new Jeep Commander comes very well equipped as standard on all versions with autonomous steering technologies highly valued by customers in the premium segment. It features Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), collision alert with automatic braking, blind-spot and cross-traffic detection, lane change alert, emergency braking for pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists, driver fatigue detector, speed limit sign recognition, automatic headlights, and park assist.

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Commander also features a premium Harman Kardon sound system with 9 speakers, a subwoofer, and 450-watts of power. It also has the exclusive Fresh Air technology, which uses cabin ducts as an “acoustic box”. This eliminates the need for traditional speakers, reducing system weight by 40% and volume by 70%, as well as ensuring higher sound pressure and deeper bass range.

As it should be, the Jeep Commander is fully connected. The model brings Adventure Intelligence, Jeep’s exclusive connectivity platform, in all models. The platform delivers convenience, assistance, and entertainment with smart maps, emergency calls, and a WiFi hotspot that connects up to eight devices to the Jeep Commander’s native WiFi.

2022 Jeep® Commander Overland T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Under the hood, the Commander comes standard with 2.0-liter TD380 four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine in the Argentine market. The TD380 received a specific calibration map, new engine flywheel, new torque converter, new turbine, and had an improved pedal curve, allowing a torque increase of 350 Nm (258 ft.-lb.) to 380 Nm (280 ft.-lb.) of torque and 170 horsepower.

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited & Overland 4×4. (Jeep).

The TD380 also anticipates compliance with Proconve L7 standards. The propeller brings the SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system, reducing the emission of polluting gases. Thus, it is necessary to use the ARLA32 additive. In the TD380 engine, the autonomy is about 10,000 km (or about 6,200 miles). Thus, the driver will not need to stop to refuel with the additive very often.

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

With the authentic DNA Jeep, all Turbo Diesel versions of the Commander have a 4×4 traction system with low-range, 9-speed automatic transmission, terrain selector with three modes (Sand/Mud, Snow, and Auto), and Hill Descent Control (HDC), that assists the driver in steep descents during off-road routes. In addition, they have a minimum height from the ground of 21.2 cm (8.34 inches), an approach angle of 26°, and a departure angle of 24°.


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