You Can Buy A Huge Piece Of Viper Hissstory!

Original GTS-R Race Car Is For Sale...

Viper has been synonymous with racing basically since its inception. Even before the world-conquering GTS-R, RT/10s were running in Le-mans! The road-going car was no different. The first ACR (or American Club Racer), the Competition Coupe that came after, the Gen 4 ACR, and then the Gen 4 ACR-X. All worthy adversaries that gave the best the world had to offer something to fear on the track.

#91 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper GTS-R GT Race Car. (BJ Motors).

However, trying to acquire one of the true racing Vipers is not an easy endeavor. The production cars are already rare enough, but the race cars? That’s definitely a case of knowing where to look.

If only there was, say, this little known dealership called BJ Motors. You know, only one of the biggest Viper dealerships in the United States, no big deal. And if only that dealership was selling one of the 2012 SRT Viper GTS-Rs piloted by Marc Goossens, Dominik Farnbacher, Kuno Wittmer, and Ryan Hunter-Reay in a factory-backed effort by Chrysler at the time. What a pity…

OK, enough of the theatrics. That’s not just some sarcastic scenario I made up to spice up this article. Really, the #91 SRT Viper GTS-R (the blue one) is for sale at BJ Motors right now. The same dealer that is selling one of the four SpeedKore carbon fiber Challenger SRT Demons, we talked about last week.

Seriously, this isn’t a joke. The number #91 GTS-R –owned and raced by Chrysler– is for sale not at Barrett Jackson, not at Mecum Auctions, not on some private collector site, but in a Viper dealership in Texas. What are the odds huh?

#91 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper GTS-R GT Race Car. (BJ Motors).

What an opportunity to get your hands on some serious racing machinery though, right? If none of the early GTS-Rs, ACRs, or Competition Coupes are your cup of tea, then this is an unprecedented opportunity for you to own an honest-to-god Viper race car.

Enough babbling about that though, let’s talk some specs to really whet your appetite. Using the WayBack Machine, I was able to find out that SRT claimed the GTS-R made about 480 to 490 horsepower, had an Xtrac transaxle mounted at the back, a paddle-shift gearbox, and ran on E85. They also claimed the GTS-R had a weighed around 2,850 pounds.

#91 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper GTS-R GT Race Car. (BJ Motors).

What good is all that though if you can’t bring it all to a stop? Knowing this, SRT fitted the GTS-R with 6-piston calipers on the front clamping down on massive 14.9-inch rotors, and 4-piston calipers on 12.9-inch rotors in the rear. Tires were also what you’d typically expect of a race car: Michelin Race Slicks wrapped around Sidewinder II style rims that were 18-inches front-to-back.

Indeed a mighty fine piece of a kit that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face and scare the hell out of anyone.

#91 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper GTS-R GT Race Car Image Gallery:

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