Did Ram Just Start A Twitter Battle With GMC Over Tailgates?

MultiPro Tailgate Sparks Feud Between Brands, But Releases New Information...

We have been talking a lot about the upcoming Ram multi-function tailgate in recent months. Well, it looks like Ram has just confirmed they will be showing off their new tailgate design at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7th. But the way they did it was very creative.

GMC launched the 2019 GMC Sierra this past summer with a new multi-function tailgate themselves calling it the “MultiPro Tailgate.” Well yesterday, GMC released a commercial mocking the Ram 1500 about its lack of functionality of its tailgate design. Of course, they showed a tailgate from the previous generation of Ram 1500 but with the text “The Rams Already Lost.”

It only took Ram just an over an hour to reply to the message. The Ram twitter account posted a response of saying “Flag on the play. False start. Check back with us on 2/7/19. Unanimous #MTTOTY #RamTrucks”. The response tweet from the Ram brand made sure to rub their newly awarded title of “Motor Trend Truck of the Year” in the face of the 2019 GMC Sierra’s marketing team, which is understandable since the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 has won about every major award in the automotive industry with its standout design and capability.

One would think that would have ended the comments from the two brands. However, GMC responded to Ram’s tweet to them with a GIF, stating “Congrats on #MTTOTY. Have a hot dog on us… and on an old tailgate.” 

This small social media battle goes to show us that the truck wars are in its prime. Ram has been gaining a lot of ground towards taking the second place spot in full-sized truck sales away from Chevrolet and outsells GMC by a wide margin. GM has recently launched an intensive ad campaign trying to get some traction with the launch of their new half-ton offerings. 

MoparInsiders and our sister site 5thGenRams will be in Chicago next week, covering the debut of the new multi-function tailgate and whatever surprises Ram has in store. So be sure to stay tuned.

GMC and RamTrucks Twitter battle

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