Wood-Grain Grand Wagoneer Concept Rendering, Has Us Wanting More:

Adding More Retro Aspects To The New Wagoneer...

Yesterday’s unveiling of the Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Concept had a lot of people talking about what they love about the new Jeep full-size SUV and what they didn’t like. One of the biggest complaints about the new Grand Wagoneer was that it wasn’t retro enough. Many of our readers were hoping for more of design that paid homage to the original Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer (SJ) models that graced America’s roads from 1963 to 1991.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer (SJ) Final Edition. (Jeep).

But the biggest complaint was the absence of wood-grain exterior trim. While wood-grain hasn’t been a popular modification since the mid-1990s, it didn’t take long for the public to start photoshopping the all-new Jeep premium model. The one that caught our eye, was a rendering done byabimelecdesign”. The wood-grain look on the new Arctic Ice exterior paint of the Grand Wagoneer Concept looks actually handsome.

Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Concept with Wood-Grain. (abimelecdesign).

It makes us wonder just how many Wagoneer buyers will add wood-grain to their SUVs, once they debut next year? Knowing the Wagoneer community, we bet there will be quite a few owners who will do so. Nevertheless, we are excited about what the aftermarket has in store for Jeep’s latest SUV.

Robert S. Miller

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