We Could See The New Electric Fiat 600e On July 4th!

Newest Fiat Will Share Jeep® Avenger Underpinnings...

Recently, the upcoming subcompact four-door Fiat 600 was spotted without camouflage surfaced, taken first in Germany and then near the Vatican in Rome, possibly during the filming of its first commercial. These images generated significant buzz, fueling speculation about its imminent debut and the potential presentation date.

2024 Fiat 600e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

There are rumors suggesting that July 4th, coinciding with the debut day of the Fiat 500, might be the chosen date for the Fiat 600’s launch. However, no official confirmation has been provided yet. Nonetheless, it is evident that the car’s debut is just a matter of weeks away, and more precise information is expected to be revealed in the coming days.

It’s worth noting that the Fiat 600 will be based on the Stellantis Common Modular Platform (CMP) architecture. The 600 will be manufactured in Tychy, Poland, alongside the Jeep Avenger and an all-new Alfa Romeo B-SUV.

2024 Fiat 600e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

When it comes to what is powering the new 600, it is currently confirmed that an electric version will be available, equipped with the same powertrain found in the Jeep® Avenger. This electric variant is anticipated to deliver a power output of 156 horsepower and offer a range of approximately 400 kilometers (249 miles) on a full charge. In addition, it is highly likely that a 100 horsepower 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine will be part of the engine lineup. Furthermore, there might be other surprises in store concerning the engine options.

As for pricing details, no specific information is available at the moment. However, it is expected that the pricing of the Fiat 600 will be slightly lower compared to the Jeep Avenger. The entry-level version of the Fiat 600 is expected to start at just over €20,000 (or about $21,730 USD). 

2024 Fiat 600e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

While the production of the Fiat 600 is expected to begin by the end of this year, with orders set to open in the fall, it remains unclear whether the car will be available in the North American market.

2024 Fiat 600e Prototype Image Gallery:

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This is basically a replacement for the 500x (is it supposed to pronounced cross?) correct? This seems like a PT Cruiser sized vehicle but the exterior and interior are not to N.A. tastes. Would this footprint with an updated clip and more Chrysler future interior sell 50k units a year in the NAFTA ?

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Its been running around in the open. Its the Fiat Coachwork version of the Avenger. So this is a true B version Renegade/500X Bplus.


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There is enough distinctive sheet metal here to separate from the Jeep Avenger. Hope this Fiat helps bolster their sales in Europe. The only chance Fiat has in the North American market is new product. Doubt this will come stateside but you never know. Alfa Romeo and Maserati are in much better shape, but these two brands need more product too.

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Fiat can do well with only 2 models in the USA, if those two models are marketed correctly. Fiat USA hasn't done this so far. When I say two models , this means the 500e two door and the 600 four door. I'm lumping the Abarth models in with the two door even though it's considered a different model.Battery electric is the way to go for city cars, although a plugin hybrid version of the 600 would also work here as well.

As I have said before, the one Fiat model which will work as a badge engineered Chrysler would be the Sevel Nord built Doblo, specifically the SWB passenger wagon. That would be a great PT Cruiser replacement.

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Honest question .... where do you charge your car if you live in a high rise.

I always thought the Panda would do well, and Tipo Cross as a Chrysler.

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