VIDEO: Building The LEGO/Dodge Speed Champions Kit:

We Build The LEGO SRT Demon and Charger R/T...

Last December, LEGO and Dodge announced the LEGO Speed Champions set featuring a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. The 478 piece kit included both buildable drag cars, three LEGO mini figures (one a Challenger driver, one a Charger driver and also a race marshall) and a starting line Christmas Tree. Dodge even released a 30-second commercial called “Metamorphosis.”

LEGO Speed Champions Kit with 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. (LEGO).

Now in January, MoparInsiders.com announced the LEGO Speed Champions giveaway where we gave away a set to one person that subscribed to our YouTube channel, Instagram page and joined our forums. On February 1st, we informed our member swinging_martian329 that he was the lucky winner in our giveaway and got his set sent out to him. 

We also send out another set out to MoparInsiders contributor Cody Wagner (of Cody’s Car Conundrum). We asked Cody to film a time-lapse of him building the set so we could upload it to YouTube for everyone to see. Cody was the one who broke the news about the set before Dodge made their official announcement.

Remember, this month we are giving away a copy of the new book “Mopar Minivans: Creating the First 20 Years of Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth Magic Wagons” by Mopar author David Zatz, Ph.D. If you would like a chance to have your name entered to win a personally signed copy of the book by the author for your Mopar collection, please enter your name in the drawing in our forums.

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