Tragedy Strikes Mopar Enthusiast’s Family:

Pro Stock Dodge Daytona Owner Accidentally Kills Grandson...

MoparInsiders forum member “MoparJoe” had built a pro street Dodge Daytona from 1987 to 1991, and sold it in 1998; the car eventually found its way to Roland J. Robidoux, of Edgewater, Florida. Roland was featured on Allpar with his 1987 Daytona.

Roland Robidoux

In a freak accident, Robidoux accidentally struck and killed his grandson, eight-year-old Connor, last Wednesday, while pulling into the garage in the Daytona. According to the family’s GoFundMe page, the throttle control failed and the car was thrust forward, going through the garage wall; Connor was found lying in the grass besides the garage only a few minutes later.

connor allen

The family GoFundMe page, set up for the boy’s father, Robert Allen, to pay for expenses, notes:

Connor was the kindest, sweetest child a family could ask for.  Always polite, loved by his school mates… He lived life to the fullest and enjoyed everything from driving a go-cart, riding on a dirt bike, which he was to get from a friend if he made all As on his next report card.  … Last year at the NHRA (National Hotrod Association) / Gator Nationals in Gainesville, FL he had his helmet signed by both Tony Schumacher, an AA fuel dragster U.S. Army Team racer, and Eric Latino, who drives a pro-mod car from Canada.  They both noted that he would be a natural driver as he so loved the sport so much.

Connor spent a lot of time with us and enjoyed driving in his grandfather’s pro-street Dodge Daytona car and his Chrysler Daytona Shelby Z… On his last day, he and his grandfather, Roland, spent the day together doing errands, going to McDonald’s and hanging out in grandpa’s workshop.  Just before 5:00 pm he asked to go for a ride in one of grandpa’s cars.  I watched from my front door as they drove out the driveway and I waved to them, and Connor had just a big smile on his face as he waved back.  I will always remember that beautiful smile.  A few minutes later they returned and I watched the car drive into the shop/garage.  Something awful happened.  Connor was out of the vehicle and standing alongside of the car.

The entire MoparInsiders staff and it’s members, send their prayers and wishes to the Allen family. Thanks to our friend Dave Zatz, for help with this article.

Donations can be sent via GoFundMe.

Mike Volkmann

Michael Volkmann, a mechanical engineer in the steel industry, autocrossed and road-raced Neons. Michael has drag raced his 1971 Duster 340, 2015 Dodge Charger SRT392, 2009 Challenger R/T, and Neons, of which he’s owned seven — one SRT4, three ACRs, and three Sport Coupes.

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