Toledo Supplier Park builds the last JK Wrangler

The plant will now retool to start producing Jeep Pickups

The last Jeep (JK) Wrangler was built at Toledo Supplier Park on Friday April 27th 2018. In total over a span of 12 years over 2.1 Million Jeep JKs were built at the plant. The last JK Wrangler, a white Rubicon Unlimited will be kept by Jeep and become one of their show properties.

Since production began in 2006, the iconic Jeep model has been built as part of an innovative supplier co-location concept where supplier partners build and manage key manufacturing process facilities completely within the plant “footprint.”

The last JK
The last JK Wrangler, a white Rubicon Unlimited

“This workforce has been working practically non-stop for the past several years to fulfill the dreams of Jeep enthusiasts around the world who want to go where only a Wrangler can take them,” said Chuck Padden, Toledo Assembly Complex Manager. “We take great pride in the role we have played in the history of this vehicle and the impact it has made in the Toledo community. We look forward to bringing that same commitment to the all-new Jeep truck.”

The Jeep truck

The new Jeep truck, often referred to as the Scrambler although it has not officially been named yet, is set to start production in the first half of 2019. While the (JT) “Scrambler” will share many parts with its (JL) Wrangler brother including as Autblog reports: the removable hardtop, it will have its own unique frame with a longer wheelbase. The rear suspension design is also unique to JT and similar to that of the Ram 1500. FCA US will continue utilizing that same manufacturing system working with supplier partners to produce the new Jeep truck. Kuka and Hyundai Mobis will remain the suppliers for the body and chassis, respectively.

Last JK Wrangler
2019 Jeep “Scrambler” (Real Fast Fotography photo)

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