This Viper Competition Coupe Prototype Is Now For Sale:

You Can Now Own This 2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe P4 Prototype...

Over the past year, we have seen some very interesting Dodge Vipers cross the auction block or that have been posted for sale. But, there is one Dodge Viper that caught our eye over the past week that really stands out. This 2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe P4 Prototype is currently listed for sale at BJ Motors in Tomball, Texas. The car features a very unique “hisstory” which might make it one of the more interesting cars out there.

2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Prototype. (BJ Motors).

For those who aren’t familiar with the Competition Coupe, it was introduced in 2003 a few months after the debut on the third-generation 2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10 roadster. The Competition Coupe is a non-street legal track-ready Viper that was produced to compete in the competitive GT-class. If the bodywork looks familiar, its because its design is based on the 2000 Dodge Viper GTS/R Concept.  

2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Prototype. (BJ Motors).

While the 2003 Dodge Viper was only offered as a roadster, the race-ready Competition Coupe offered Viper racers a new competitive car to compete with and that replaced the older Dodge Viper GTS-R race cars that were out there. The Competition Coupe featured a race-spec 8.3-liter Viper V10 producing 520 horsepower (505 horsepower was the 2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10 roadster’s output) and 540 lb.-ft of torque. The car was also equipped with full racing enhancements like a roll cage, window net, fire-suppression system, 6-point restraints, racing slicks, differential cooler, and ducted brakes. For added strength the body was made of carbon/Kevlar material. Only about 60 of the cars were scheduled to be produced in 2003. But you might be thinking, what makes this one so special?

2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Prototype. (BJ Motors).

Well according to BJ Motors, this was the first prototype Dodge Viper Competition Coupe built as a 2002 test vehicle. It was used by SRT engineering (known then as PVO or Performance Vehicle Operations) for all different types of testing, including wind tunnel analysis. The car was built by Roush Industries and then sold by Viper Race Headquarters.

2002 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Prototype. (BJ Motors).

Currently, BJ Motors is selling the car for a listed price of $98,500 USD. That’s not a bad price, considering the history of this particular model. While it might be a lot for a non-street legal car, the car could be showcased as a collectible piece or still find its way to some fun track day events. For more information on the car, you can contact BJ Motors for more details.

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