This 2011 Dodge Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak Sold For $58,300

Went Across The Mecum Auction Block Earlier Today...

In September 2010, Mopar introduced the world to the 2011 Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak. As the first and only 500-plus cubic-inch V-10 drag-race package car, it quickly made a name for itself in the world of drag racing. The car would dominate at drag strips across the country before ultimately being upstaged by the next-gen of Challenger Drag Paks in 2015. 

2011 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Pak No. 20/50. (Mecum).

At the heart of the 2011 Mopar Drag Pak was an 8.4-liter (512 cubic-inch) VIPER V-10 engine that produced 600 horsepower and 560 lb.-ft. of torque. The VIPER V-10 was mated to a 2-speed automatic transmission with an Outlaw shifter that allows for lightning-fast gear changes. The car was also equipped with a Mopar solid rear axle with a performance gear ratio that helps transfer power to the wheels.

2011 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Pak No. 20/50. (Mecum).

All 2011 Drag Paks were painted in Bright White, with additional color options costing $6,800 each. For an additional $950 at the time, customers who wanted a little more flair could add a Mopar logo body wrap (as seen on this car). For drag racing, the body was modified with a special body-in-white that did away with the HVAC system, rear seats, power steering, and underbody heat shields. The car also had a front chin spoiler, lightweight drag-only front brake assembly, and wheels and tires designed for racing.

2011 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Pak No. 20/50. (Mecum).

The car’s interior was minimally equipped with a manual rack-and-pinion steering system, lightweight instrument panel assembly, and seats accommodating a 6-point harness. The vehicle also had an oil pressure, water temperature, and transmission temperature gauge set, an auxiliary rocker switch panel built into the dash, a large White-backed Mopar tachometer mounted on the dash with shift light, and more. In addition, Mopar offered a Competition Package that cost an extra $7,950, and it came with an 8-point roll cage, a 6-point safety harness, and a mesh window net.

2011 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Pak No. 20/50. (Mecum).

Built-in a series of 50 units, this particular one is No. 20; the cars had to pass strict NHRA rules and regulations for both the NHRA Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. This non-street-legal drag racer sold for $58,300 earlier today at the 2023 Mecum Houston auction. Before crossing the auction block, it says on display at the Horton Classic Car Museum Collection. The original starting MSRP for the 2011 Drag Pak began at $85,512.

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