Stellantis Goiana Automotive Pole Produces 1.5 Millionth Vehicle

Special Vehicle Was A New Ram Rampage R/T...

The Stellantis Automotive Center of Goiana, located in Pernambuco, Brazil, has achieved a significant milestone by producing 1.5 million vehicles. This remarkable feat was marked by the production of a Ram Rampage pickup, which recently became the fifth vehicle to roll out of the plant. The Goiana Automotive Pole has established itself as a key player in the Brazilian automotive sector, showcasing excellence in industrialization, supply chain efficiency, and a well-trained workforce.

Jeep® Commander at the Stellantis Automotive Complex in Goiana. (Stellantis).

The Automotive Pole in Goiana boasts a diverse lineup of five prominent models that have made a mark in the market. These include the Jeep® Renegade, Compass, and Commander, along with the Fiat Toro pickup. The Rampage pickup joins this esteemed lineup, further solidifying the plant’s reputation for producing high-quality vehicles.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of the Stellantis Automotive Pole in Goiana is its strategic location, which facilitates an efficient supply chain. Additionally, the plant places a strong emphasis on workforce training, ensuring a skilled and dedicated team. The plant’s flexibility, sustainable practices, process optimization, and advanced production technology further distinguish it in the automotive industry.

Production of the Jeep® Commander (H1) at the Goiana Assembly Complex. (Jeep).

Since its inauguration in 2015 with an initial investment of R$ 11 billion ($2 billion USD), the Goiana Pole has continued to grow. A subsequent investment cycle, initiated in 2018, is set to contribute an additional R$ 7.5 billion ($1.3 billion) by 2025. This substantial investment underscores the commitment to product development, research, production systems, and workforce training, bringing the total investment to an impressive R$ 18.5 billion ($3.3 billion USD).

With a production capacity of 280,000 vehicles per year, the Goiana Pole not only caters to the domestic market but also exports to countries including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico. Over 200,000 units have been exported since its inception, highlighting its significance in the international automotive landscape.

A worker at the Stellantis Automotive Complex in Goiana. (Stellantis).

The Goiana Pole has revolutionized the automotive manufacturing landscape by co-locating a car production plant and a Supplier Park with 18 companies within the same industrial perimeter. This integration has resulted in a seamless and efficient supply chain, with 38 suppliers currently operating in Pernambuco. Ongoing negotiations aim to further expand the supply chain in the Northeast region.

Beyond production, the Goiana Pole houses research and development units, including the Project Center, Software Center, and the Test Field – the largest open-air automotive laboratory in Brazil. This infrastructure is part of the Stellantis Innovation Ecosystem, promoting collaboration with suppliers, universities, government agencies, and research centers to drive innovation.

A worker at the Stellantis Automotive Complex in Goiana. (Stellantis).

The Goiana Automotive Pole has played a pivotal role in the socioeconomic development of the region, prioritizing local labor and investing in professional training. Presently, 85% of workers hail from Pernambuco, contributing to a total of 14,700 jobs directly within the automotive plant and Supplier Park. In the broader economic context, approximately 60,000 direct and indirect jobs have been generated along the productive chain.


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As a Stellantis stock holder I am impressed at the comprehensive, proactive approach to this vital component situation that the company has initiated. Of course, every corporate decision that is made has a cost factor and the level of organization and ability to anticipate and eliminate potential or actual serious problems shows sound judgement and clear thinking.
It is actually survival planning because the competition is formidable and the challenges immense in today’s automotive industry. This article gives me confidence in the future for this enterprise, reassurance in my personal investment and from an emotional point of view, excitement over the future of my Mopar brands that I treasure and to which I am committed.
As a senior this new technology is daunting but as a curious and acceptance of change individual I’m a willing spectator, if not savvy participant.
The future will always be the future so buckle up for the ride we call life. Bring it on guys.

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