Stellantis Confirms New Rampage Compact Truck Will Be Built In Goiana!

New Compact Pickup Will Be Built Next To Renegade, Compass, Commander, and Toro...

Inaugurated in 2015, the Stellantis Automotive Complex in Goiana, Pernambuco, has been responsible for the production of four popular car models in the market: the Jeep® Renegade, Compass and Commander, and the Fiat Toro. As the complex approaches its eighth year of operation, it is taking a new step forward by preparing to manufacture an unprecedented model in Brazil – the new Ram Rampage pickup truck.

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This marks the brand’s first vehicle to be produced in the country and serves as a testament to the complex’s success. It continues to lead the way in innovation in the global automotive industry and solidifies itself as a multi-brand plant and a significant driver of socio-economic transformation for the region where it is located.

The complex comprises the Stellantis plant and 18 other suppliers located within the Stellantis perimeter. Together, they employ over 14,000 individuals. “It is a genuine success story to move from producing one model to five every eight years. This was made possible through the efficient combination of skilled labor and investments in innovation and technology,” says Jasson Azevedo, Plant Manager of the Automotive Complex.

Around 1.4 million cars have already been produced during the period, split among the four models. Apart from supplying the domestic market, the cars are also exported to Latin American countries like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico, among others, from the Port of Suape. The operation has already exported 187,000 units to these destinations.

Now, the plant is expanding with the initiation of production of a new Ram Rampage, which was developed in Brazil. Over 2,000 hours of virtual analysis were required between the process and the product. “We have a factory at the forefront of automotive technology, and a versatile and dedicated team focused on adding a completely new model to the line, as the pole operates with a single flexible line where all models are produced,” says the manager. He further explains that it was necessary to execute optimization projects in the logistics area to allow the inclusion of specific parts of the pickup.

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Taking advantage of the groundwork laid by previous releases, the local team led updates in the production line’s infrastructure and the training of approximately 1,300 employees during around 700 hours of training.

With approximately 14,000 employees between the main plant, supplier park, and contractors, the automotive industry has become a significant generator of employment opportunities. According to a study, about 21% of these employees are residents of Goiana and 50% hail from surrounding cities.

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