Ram Rampage Wins “2023 SAE Brasil Car Body” Award

Rampage Is Composed Of 86% High & Ultra-High Strength Steels...

In a stunning turn of events, the automotive world is buzzing with the news that the all-new Ram Rampage compact pickup has swiftly emerged triumphant, securing the highly prestigious 2023 SAE Brasil Car Body award. Just days following its eagerly anticipated debut in Brazilian showrooms, this accolade solidifies the Rampage as not only a design marvel but a true frontrunner in the automotive landscape.

Ram Rampage Body On Display at the 7th SAE Brasil Car Body Symposium. (Stellantis).

The 7th SAE Brasil Car Body Symposium, meticulously organized by the São Paulo section of SAE Brazil, served as the ideal stage for the Ram Rampage to unveil its revolutionary body project. This symposium, a gathering of the foremost minds in Bodywork and Materials engineering, provided an apt forum for acknowledging the Rampage’s groundbreaking design as a pinnacle of automotive innovation.

Already creating a significant stir in the Brazilian automotive domain, the Ram Rampage has managed to exceed expectations set by its illustrious Ram predecessors. Notably, before its physical presence graced dealership floors, the Rampage had already generated a palpable buzz. Remarkably, an initial batch of 500 units made available for pre-sale were promptly snapped up within a breathtaking 28 minutes. Subsequently, due to the overwhelming demand, an additional 1,100 orders had to be accommodated, emphatically underscoring the Rampage’s resounding market appeal.

Fabiano Soares and Guilherme Fernandes answering questions. (Stellantis).

Beneath the hood, the Ram Rampage commands attention with its formidable power and agility. Driven by the Hurricane4 gasoline turbo engine, it commands an impressive 272 horsepower and a robust torque of 400 Nm (295 lb.-ft.). The result is a commendable acceleration, propelling the Rampage R/T from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 6.9 seconds, while also reaching an impressive top speed of 136 mph. For those opting for diversity, the Rebel and Laramie versions offer an alternative in the form of a 170-horsepower, 380 Nm (280 lb.-ft.) Multijet turbo diesel engine.

Perhaps the standout feature of the Ram Rampage lies in its unswerving commitment to safety. Singularly positioned as the sole South American production pickup truck to furnish a comprehensive suite of driving aids as standard inclusions, the Rampage sets an unprecedented safety precedent in its class. Among the suite of safety features are Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go functionality, frontal collision alert with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and an array of features that identify pedestrians, cyclists, and potential blind spots. The inclusion of Lane Keep Assist (LKA), seven airbags, and ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels further underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding driver and passenger alike.

Ram Rampage R/T 4×4 Compact Pickup. (Ram).

In alignment with contemporary preferences for connectivity and technological integration, the Ram Rampage seamlessly integrates these elements through its 12.3-inch Uconnect 5 infotainment touchscreen. The integration of wireless mirroring for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with the convenience of embedded navigation, ensures an optimal user experience that caters to the modern driver’s preferences.

The Ram Rampage’s triumph at the 2023 SAE Brasil Car Body Symposium garnered the attention of industry specialists and enthusiasts alike. Notably, the event presented a unique opportunity to showcase the Rampage alongside its primary rivals, the Chevrolet Montana and Ford Maverick. Under the spotlight, the Ram Rampage’s design and architecture took center stage, aptly elucidated by experts from the South American Tech Center – Fabiano Soares and Guilherme Fernandes.

Fabiano Soares and Guilherme Fernandes with the Ram Rampage. (Stellantis).

With the Ram Rampage already making remarkable strides in the market and attaining remarkable sales figures in the region, the 2023 SAE Brasil Car Body Award assumes a place of paramount importance for the brand. Conceived in Brazil and meticulously developed in collaboration with the Ram team in Auburn Hills, the Ram Rampage is proudly assembled at the state-of-the-art Stellantis Assembly Plant in Goiana, Brazil. Comprising an impressive 86% of high and ultra-high strength steel, the Rampage exemplifies robustness and safety. 

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The lead photo gives a good indication of the size of the Rampage. It is not taller than the two individuals in the picture. I don't know what the overall length and wheelbase dimensions are, but the Rampage might be garageable.

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Like an elephant in your living room, somethings just can’t be ignored. The case for bringing a slightly modified Rampage to the North American market is overwhelming and the business case for that move is convincing. The Rampage may present only a quick fix solution with a few compromises, but sometimes you have to take your best shot at the target, even one in your neighbors living room. Peanut anyone?

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Nice size truck, needs a more powerful engine. At least 320hp/400lb-ft torque

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Nice size truck, needs a more powerful engine. At least 320hp/400lb-ft torque

280 pulls the ram around fine so ...........

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280 pulls the ram around fine so ...........

I was in a bit of a rush when I wrote that, there was going to be a lot more to that statement. While this truck would do great against the Ford Maverick, the Santa Cruze and the Honda Ridgeline, it still needs about 320hp to completely edge out it's competition. While this truck is great, The Brand needs something to compete with the Ranger Raptor and the Colorado ZR2. A Dakota with a 375hp/470 2.0L 4Xe powertrain in a Dakota Rebel/ Dakota Limited wouldn't be terrible but a 3.0L Hurricane Standard output 420hp/468tq in a Dakota TRX would be awesome while a 510hp/500tq 3.0L H.O in a Dakota R/T street truck would be absolutely amazing. The base trucks (SLT & Big Horn) would receive the 270hp/295tq 2.0T that powers the Jeep Wrangler which would be more than enough. Dakota doesn't need to be any taller than the Rampage, just a little wider and longer with a full 6ft bed standard on all model trucks.

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