SPOTTED: 2024 Dodge Rampage R/T Caught Without Camouflage

Compact Pickup Truck Looks Really Good...

In an exciting turn of events, a video of the highly anticipated 2024 Ram Rampage in its R/T trim has surfaced on Instagram. Captured in an underground parking lot in Brazil, the footage offers a glimpse of the compact pickup’s sleek design and striking features. With its glossy black accents reminiscent of the Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition, the Rampage R/T is poised to be the more sporty take on the all-new compact pickup.

2024 Ram Rampage R/T Compact Pickup. (@audacepulse).

The front grille, side mirror caps, roof, and wheels of the Rampage R/T are prominently adorned with glossy black accents, enhancing its sleek and sporty appearance. The black inserts on the headlights further contribute to the truck’s aggressive stance. At the rear, the vehicle proudly displays a “4×4” logo on the tailgate’s bottom-right corner, while the unmistakable R-A-M lettering adorns the center, leaving no doubt about its lineage. These visual cues embody a bold and modern aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the popular Ram 1500.

2024 Ram Rampage R/T Compact Pickup. (@audacepulse).

Reports from Autos Segredos indicate that the Ram Rampage will be available in multiple trims in Brazil. Alongside the R/T variant, customers can expect to find the Big Horn, Laramie, and Rebel models. Notably, all Ram Rampage trims are said to come standard with 4×4 capability, ensuring enhanced off-road performance and versatility.

Insiders have provided insights into the Rampage R/T’s expected specifications. It is anticipated that the R/T model will be equipped with the reliable turbocharged 2.0-liter Hurricane4 inline-four-cylinder engine from the FCA Global Medium Engine (GME) family. This powertrain, already featured in various FCA US-based vehicles, will be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and a full-time 4×4 system. In the recently released 2023 Dodge Hornet GT, this engine delivers an impressive output of 268 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. Given the Rampage’s compact size and unibody architecture, this powertrain combination promises to offer both sportiness and excellent performance.

2024 Ram Rampage R/T Compact Pickup. (@audacepulse).

In a surprising move, it was recently announced that Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis would also assume the role of CEO at Ram. While some speculate that this change may bring back the R/T nameplate associated with the Dodge brand for the Rampage in North America, it is unlikely. Our sources suggest that the R/T trim will likely remain exclusive to the LATAM (Latin American) market. Instead, the North American version of the Rampage R/T may be badged as a Big Horn or Laramie Night Edition, aligning itself more seamlessly within Ram’s current lineup.

Source: Instagram via @audacepulse

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Just got back from a couple of weeks in Italy and few would be surprised I was doing much cars observations between doing the sites. My biggest impression is how the small and mini sized cars totally dominate the market, in particular those Jeep Renegades are everywhere and the decision by Jeep and Alfa Romeo to introduce even smaller SUVs makes perfect sense in a global market. The compact Ram Rampage would do well in this market and I bet it goes to Europe ensuring a strong manufacturing incentive in Mexico for export models.
Based on my short look, in Italy anyway, folks like Jeeps so why not Rams?

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