Ram CEO Hints At A New Compact Commercial Van Is Coming

ProMaster City Successor Could Return Late Next Year...

During the Investor’s Day 2024 presentation, Chrysler and Ram CEO Chris Feuell hinted at an exciting addition to the Ram lineup: a new compact electric commercial van. This announcement suggests that a successor to the Ram ProMaster City, which was a favorite among small business owners and private citizens from 2015 to 2022, might soon be on the horizon.

The Ram ProMaster City: A Brief History –

2022 Ram ProMaster City Passenger Wagon. (Ram).

The Ram ProMaster City was a versatile and reliable vehicle that served various needs until its production ended in 2022. Its absence has left a noticeable gap in the market, especially for those seeking a compact commercial van. The new generation ProMaster City is expected to be based on the Fiat Scudo and E-Scudo, which offer modern and innovative features.

Fiat E-Scudo: The Basis for the New ProMaster City –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

The Fiat E-Scudo, a popular compact van in Europe, is likely to serve as the blueprint for the new ProMaster City. Here’s a closer look at what the E-Scudo offers:

Powertrain and Range –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

The E-Scudo comes with an electric motor and offers two battery options:

  • Battery Sizes: 50 kWh and 75 kWh
  • Range: Up to 330 kilometers (205 miles) in the WLTP cycle
  • Charging: AC charging capacity up to 11 kW and DC fast charging up to 100 kW, allowing the battery to reach 80% charge in just 45 minutes

Performance and Capabilities –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).
  • Payload: Up to 1 ton (2,200 lbs)
  • Cargo Volume: Up to 6.6 cubic meters (233 cubic feet)
  • Towing Capacity: 1 ton (2,200 lbs)
  • Dimensions: Core version is less than 5 meters (16 feet, 5 inches) in length and 1.9 meters (6 feet, 2 inches) in height

Comfort and Practicality –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

Designed with professionals in mind, the E-Scudo aims to offer a comfortable and stress-free work experience:

  • Driving Position: Car-like driving position for enhanced comfort
  • Soundproofing: Top-level soundproofing to minimize noise and vibrations
  • Accessibility: Ergonomic step for easy cabin access

Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

The E-Scudo is equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features:

  • Automatic Road Sign Recognition
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring (BSM)
  • Rearview Camera: Offers a 180° panoramic view
  • Frontal Collision Warning (FCW)

Innovative Features –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

The E-Scudo also includes several innovative features designed for convenience and versatility:

  • Moduwork System: Transforms the passenger seat into a workstation and extends the load compartment
  • Head-Up Display (HUD): Provides key information without distracting the driver
  • Suspension System: Four independent wheel suspensions with adaptive variable damping (AMVAC) for a smooth ride

Versatility and Configurations –

2024 Fiat E-Scudo Cargo Van. (FIAT Professional).

The E-Scudo offers multiple configurations to suit different needs:

  • Versions: Van, Crew Cab, Chassis Cab, and Combi M1
  • Lengths: Up to three different lengths
  • Passenger Capacity: Fully configurable up to 9 seats, with foldable seats to increase load capacity

Anticipated Release – 

The Ram ProMaster City will likely be offered in both cargo and passenger van variants. It is expected that the North American market will receive the larger variant of E-Scudo vehicle. According to our sources, production is anticipated to begin late next year at the Tofaş plant in Turkey.

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Any suggestion by some folks, although at times it looks critically pessimistic, that our beloved domestic brands are being sent to the scrap heap is dead wrong.Stellantis is not walking away from our domestic brands anytime soon. The Ram City is an important vehicle for the brand and its reintroduction, along with the news on an under $25,000.00 Jeep Renegade is encouraging news. The Stellantis corporate power brokers may be biased, short sighted, even at times incompetent, but not crazy. Crazy it would be to weaken their position in North America by sabotaging any of their North American brands. For us loyalists we can clearly see a sound business case for each and a scenario and path forward to success long term. Certainly no excuse for the whole Chrysler debacle or the Dodge Charger Daytona being launched in the face of a consumer market clearly rejecting electric vehicles definitely, and the loss of the Challenger, just unforgivable, but the glimmer of some thought brain activity and the shreds of evidence that a plan exists somewhere in the corporate offices, gives us hope, even proof, that should dismiss our worst fears. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel and this seemingly minor van is the tip of the spear to better times for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram.....or not.

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Will this be a BEV only offering, or will Ram also allow an ICE option?

What strategy will Stellantis use to avoid the chicken tax? I don't think the feds will allow the temporary rear seat runaround anymore.

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If it's based on the Scudo, as the article states, then this van is one segment size up from the previous Promaster City.

That would put it in the same size category as the Mercedes Benz Metris. I'm not sure about the cost, but I don't think MB sells in nearly the numbers that the Promaster City used to.

I've always felt that this size van makes more sense for this market than the smaller Promaster City. I mean, it'd be great to offer both, but if you had to pick only 1 between those twe, the Scudo based one makes more sense for the NA market, in my opinion.

I believe you could fit a sheet of plywood in this van, whereas you could not in the previous Promaster City.

I wonder if they will rename it, or use the same name, even though it's significantly larger.

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I got this from the Fiat Professional UK website.
Overall length : 195 inches or 210 inches. Load floor length is 98 inches for the standard version.

The Citroen Jumpy which is basically the same vehicle except for the engines, grill and badges. It comes in two lengths. Standard: 128.5 inch wheelbase, 195 overall. Long uses the standard wheelbase, but has the 210 inch overall length. There used to be a shorter version with a 115 inch wheelbase and 181 inches overall, but it was dropped because it didn't have enough space for batteries. Too bad because it would be perfect for our market.

The Ram PMC has a 122.5 inch wheelbase, 187 inches of overall length with a 7"3" long load floor. The brochure claimed 4 feet between the wheel wells.

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I just realized that Mercedes has discontinued selling the Metris in the US, so this move by Stellantis makes even more sense.

I've also read that the Metris was a real piece of overpriced junk, so it shouldn't be a very high bar to clear.

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