Fiat E-Doblò Could Spawn An Electrified Ram ProMaster City Van

Potentially Filling In A Hole In The Brand's Lineup...

The landscape of compact vans in North America has experienced a notable void since Ram ceased the production of its ProMaster City lineup. While the future of Ram’s compact van remains uncertain, recent developments within Fiat’s repertoire, particularly the unveiling of the Fiat E-Doblò, present intriguing possibilities for the evolution of Ram’s offerings in this segment.

2022 Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van. (Ram).

The Fiat E-Doblò emerges as a substantial step forward in the realm of electrified compact vans. Built on the foundation of the second-generation Fiat Doblò—formerly produced in Turkey—the E-Doblò reflects a progressive leap towards innovative electric powertrains, a heightened emphasis on interior versatility, and a redefined focus on enhanced convenience and eco-friendly mobility.

As production transitions in Europe to accommodate the new generation of Fiat Doblò and Ulysse vans, incorporating electrified variants, the spotlight shines on the E-Doblò’s significant attributes that could potentially influence Ram’s future offerings.

Design and Utility –

2024 Fiat E-Doblò. (Fiat Professional).

The E-Doblò epitomizes adaptability and modernity, evident in its design refinements and functional upgrades. Notably, the vehicle’s exterior enhancements, such as the redesigned front bumper, 17-inch alloy wheels, and integrated fog lights, showcase a blend of safety and style for versatile travel across diverse terrains.

Interior configurations in the E-Doblò take center stage, offering expansive room and various seating and storage arrangements. With rear foldable seats, the potential loading space can extend up to an impressive 123.6 cubic feet (3,500 liters), underscoring its adaptability to accommodate diverse cargo needs. Moreover, the introduction of the Magic TOP and Window features amplifies storage capacity and ease of access, adding layers of practicality for users.

Electrification and Performance – 

2024 Fiat E-Doblò. (Fiat Professional).

The shift towards an electric powertrain in the E-Doblò redefines efficiency and sustainability in the realm of compact vans. Its electric engine ensures a smooth, responsive drive with a substantial range of up to 200 miles (320 km) (WLTP combined cycle) and zero CO2 emissions, catering to everyday commuting needs while aligning with eco-conscious trends.

The integration of a robust Quick Charge system empowers users with rapid recharging capabilities, achieving an 80% battery capacity in a mere 30 minutes. Additionally, driving modes—Normal, Eco, and Power—offer personalized experiences tailored to different driving conditions, further enhancing efficiency and range optimization.

Safety and Technology –

2024 Fiat E-Doblò. (Fiat Professional).

Safety features in the E-Doblò underscore a comprehensive approach towards passenger security, integrating up to 17 active and passive driving safety systems. From Adaptive Cruise Control to a sophisticated Infotainment system featuring a 10-inch Uconnect 5 touchscreen and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, the vehicle prioritizes both safety and connectivity.

Implications for Ram’s Future –

2024 Fiat E-Doblò. (Fiat Professional).

Ram’s hiatus in the compact van segment, coupled with the production cessation of the previous ProMaster City built in Turkey, prompts contemplation regarding the brand’s potential direction. The innovative strides seen in the Fiat E-Doblò’s electrified variant serve as an insightful preview of what might be a plausible replacement or an evolution for Ram’s compact van lineup.

The emphasis on electric powertrains, interior adaptability, and advanced safety and infotainment technologies within the E-Doblò could hint at a blueprint for Ram’s future compact van offerings. As Fiat forges ahead in electrifying its van lineup, it raises anticipation and speculation about Ram’s strategic alignment with evolving market demands for eco-friendly, versatile compact vans in North America.

While Ram’s official announcements regarding the 2024 ProMaster City lineup remain elusive, the Fiat E-Doblò’s technological advancements and focus on versatility and sustainability offer a compelling glimpse into what could potentially shape the future of Ram’s compact van segment.

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No brainer here. There is a strong market for the Pro Master City and this update would only increase demand. Let’s get a Ram version ASAP.

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If I ran the show, I would sell the Doblo under the Chrysler brand, using the short wheelbase model with a removable bench seat. This avoids the chicken tax and provides a great product for auto sharing services like Stellantis own Free-2-Move Mobility. Such a van fills the void that the PT Cruiser left in its demise, after which the Fiat 500L failed to do so. Electrification presents a challenge to importation. Someone is going to have to figure out a way to import battery electric vehicles without the batteries for safety's sake. Would knock down kits solve the safety issue?

The van I would replace the ProMaster City with is the latest Fiat Scudo. I would build it in North America and see if Toyota would want to go in on it like they do in Europe.

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