Prefix Corporation Turns To Making PPE To Battle COVID-19:

Company Switches Efforts To Help First Responders and Health Care Workers...

Our friends at Prefix Corporation have been known for building some of the most outrageous Dodge Vipers, as well as the infamous Ram 1500 Minotaur off-roader, their championship-winning Trans-Am racing team, and creating some of the most amazing concept cars for automakers from all over the globe. Now, the Rochester Hills, Michigan based company, has shifted their manufacturing efforts in a variety of things to help combat the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) crisis.

PREFIX Employees Assembling Face Shields. (PREFIX).

Over the past couple of weeks, the company has re-tooled and purchased over 6,000 lbs. of required materials to manufacture protective face shields. The shields are now being delivered to first responders and health care workers around the Metro Detroit area. The Prefix team is working as fast as they can to meet the current demand and will continue to manufacture the shields as long as there is demand and that they can obtain the required resources.

PREFIX Manufactured Face Shield. (PREFIX).

The process requires, engineering, tooling, stamping, water-jet cutting, and assembly, which are all done at Prefix Corporation. “The first responders we initially spoke with asked for something durable enough to be used for a longer period of time,” explained Prefix Founder, Kim Zeile. “So… we engineered a model that is heavier duty and longer-lasting. Our team is proud of what we were able to design, in such a short time. Never in my 40 years of operating Prefix would I have believed that we would be involved in such an uncertain world. I am just happy to respond with something that helps our community, and helps our employees to realize what a difference we can make, regardless of the challenge.”

PREFIX Sewing Protective Masks For Health Care Workers. (PREFIX).

The company’s interior trim team, also have been hard at work sewing hundreds of protective masks for health care workers. Together with Detroit-based alcohol brewer, Atwater Brewery, the two companies delivered face shields and over 20 gallons of hand sanitizer to Henry Ford Village – a retirement center in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Prefix Corporation is asking to pass the word along to any first responders and healthcare facilities in need of face shields. The company has been manufacturing a few thousand field shield, every day. Those agencies interested can contact Prefix and their e-mail address and the company will get them the information as soon as possible.


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