Dodge Teams Up With Rocker Alice Cooper To Showcase Apple Experience:

Summer Campaign Rocks With Durango SRT...

The Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper has teamed up with Dodge to promote the new Apple Experience included in many of the brand’s vehicles. Cooper stars in two 60-second videos for the summer advertising campaign titled “The Rider” and featuring song “Under My Wheels.” In “The Rider,” viewers see an assistant navigating his Dodge Durango SRT through streets as he uses CarPlay features, including voice-activated Siri commands and Maps, to help him collect everything from black nail polish to balloons to a boa constrictor for a very discerning musical artist.

Starting last month, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been offering customers in the U.S. and Canada an incredible Apple experience in their cars, which includes up to six months free of Apple Music* with the purchase of any new Dodge vehicle with standard CarPlay support. With Apple CarPlay, FCA customers can listen to music, make calls, send and receive messages, play audiobooks and podcasts, get directions optimized for traffic conditions and more. Playlists curated by participating artists in FCA’s summer advertising campaign are now available exclusively on Apple Music.

“FCA offers an incredible Apple experience, giving consumers the ability to enjoy Apple Music’s catalog of 45 million songs and to listen with premium BeatsAudio sound, in addition to all the features that come with CarPlay. This collaboration inspired us to leverage the strength and identity of each of our individual brands,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA. “Additionally, as the only automaker to now offer branded playlists on Apple Music, this allows us to provide increased relevance to targeted audiences.”

Alice Cooper Teams Up With Dodge To Showcase Apple Experience. (Dodge)

The marketing campaign will be featured all summer long on television and internet advertisements.

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