Mamatha Chamarthi Becomes The Latest Exec To Leave Stellantis

Stellantis' Head Of Software Business and Product Management Steps Down...

The management exodus continues at Stellantis as Mamatha Chamarthi, who served as Stellantis’ Head of Software Business and Product Management, has left the automaker.

Chamarthi is the latest high-profile executive to depart, following Dodge/Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis, former Head of Jeep® North America Jim Morrison, Head of U.S. Retail Sales Jason Stoicevich, Chief Customer Experience Officer Richard Schwarzwald, and Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and ML Ops Berta Rodriguez-Hervas.

In fact, Chamarthi and Rodriguez-Hervas were key presenters last month during a software demonstration at the company’s Chelsea Proving Grounds.

Chamarthi began her career as a software programmer at Chrysler in 1996. She held various roles within the automaker in North America and Asia Pacific, eventually becoming the Chief Information Officer until Stellantis was formed in 2021, and then assuming her latest position at the automaker.

Stellantis has confirmed that Cristiani Campos will be her successor. “Cristiani has an outstanding track record in business development in Latin America and Taiwan combined with a solid financial background,” a Stellantis spokesperson said. She will be based in Michigan and report to Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis’ Chief Software Officer.

Stellantis expects to have more than 34 million monetizable connected vehicles on the road by 2030. The automaker aims for its software division to generate $22 billion annually by that time.

Source: Automotive News

Robert S. Miller

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Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, another bites the dust!!
What the heck? Are we missing something? The the company in complete distress or is this a part of the shake up for going in a new direction?

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This reads to me as end of everyone retention contract for the Merger. Been through it several times... open it cost you more to stay then to leave. I have got ripped off by the desire of the new team to be kept were everyone else gets there $$$$.

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New management hasn't hidden their desire to replace all original Chrysler management and move design and engineering from CTC to overseas.

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Merger payback is based on resource consolidation over a broader organization. IT IS THE WAY.

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I’ve seen this play out before and it seems a change is underway. Fleeing a sinking ship? Senior leadership changing direction? Better offers elsewhere? It could be all three, but the exodus is too obvious to ignore. I’m a Stellantis stock holder and would love answers or at best a forward looking guidance report.
My guess, there is a house cleaning as things are going badly, plans have been a disastrous public embarrassment to leadership and a change is coming OR they need more support internally. My hope is Dare Forward gets way less Daring.
Lots of possibilities including big changes in Washington, and Europe. Bottom line....who knows for sure?

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